One Piece live adaption by Netflix last year was a massive hit worldwide. From casting actors to Eastern Eggs, the fans are hooked up with the show. However, what impressed them most was how they respected the One Piece author, Eiichiro Oda by retaining most of his iconic moments from the original series in the play. 

However, it’s well expected that in this upcoming season, the show will pick an important arc to build up the story. Not to mention, staging a story that’s been around for over two decades is not an easy task. The production may need time to draft their story and casting to make a worthy season, following their massive success campaign. 

Amid the buzz, one of the prominent One Piece live-action actors has revealed his favorite One Piece saga in a recent interview, and it sparked speculation whether that’s a spoiler or a mere opinion. 

One Piece actor revealed his favorite arc 

Roronoa Zoro | One Piece Live Action | Netflix
Roronoa Zoro | One Piece Live Action | Netflix

Mackenyu, who played the role of Zoro in the One Piece live-action, revealed his favorite series saga in Comic Con Brussels. As captured by a fan named @Harulixie on X (formerly Twitter), Mackenyu is a fan of Dressrosa arc and wished to be part of it’s live action cast someday.

Dressrosa arc is the most important plot in One Piece which sets several events that’ll be part of Luffy’s future journey. But more than that, a direct fight between Luffy and Dolfamlingo, a former Warlord, is what fans are eagerly waiting for.

One Piece | Viz Media
One Piece | Viz Media

This saga holds many relations that Luffy will need in his future journey. And it will also bring the new era of “Who’ll rule the sea?” 

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How vital is Dressrosa saga for One Piece and Luffy?

The Straw Hat members will go through a time skip, realizing their potential with various experiences. Dressrosa arc will be kicked off after Luffy and his Crew complete their fisherman island adventure. There’ll also be a unexpected reunion between Luffy and the Revolutionary Army Chief and his brother, Sabo.

Sabo | One Piece | Viz Media
Sabo | One Piece | Viz Media

Trafalgar D. Water Law, a Worst Generation candidate will join the hands with Straw Pirates to fight against the injustice of Donquixote Doflamingo. In this journey, Luffy will gain a major ally by establishing the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, which involves some of notorious pirates including Cavendish and Bartolomeo.

It’s a no doubt this major fleet will be his trump card against an all-out war against the world government or one of the Yonkos. And at the end of the arc, Straw Hat Pirates will have a renewed Bounty on their names.

Season 1 ended with Luffy gathering a crew in quest of One Piece with Zoro, Sanji, Nami, and Usopp. But after fans’ huge demand, season 2 was announced shortly after with streaming platforms and dates yet to be confirmed.

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Enjoy One Piece on Crunchyroll, follow manga on Viz Media and watch One Piece live action on Netflix. 


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