The award-winning adaptation of the caped crusader Batman: The Animated Series aired between 1992-1995. The series is still remembered for its distinctive art style and great soundtrack. It was inspired by Tim Burton’s Batman films. Batman: The Animated Series is still one of the best interpretations of the Dark Knight. American actor Kevin Conroy was the voice behind the superhero in the series.

Batman: the Animated Series
Batman: The Animated Series

According to a recent appearance on a talk show, the writer of Batman: The Animated Series spoke about one of the darkest episodes from the series that was excluded due to its disturbing content.

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Batman: The Animated Series Writer David Wise Talks About One Of The Darkest Episode Of the Series

The Emmy award-winning Batman: The Animated Series is popular for its complex storytelling. During a recent episode on Batman: The Animated Podcast with Justin Michael, David Wise explained why his story was not included in one of the episodes of the series. According to writer David Wise, that particular story could have “brought down the wrath of God on the series”.

The rejected story followed a drugged Batman threatening the rogue’s gallery with a suicide vest. He is lured to a meeting point on the pretext of a kidnapped mayor, Batman is gassed by a paramilitary group led by Hitler Youths. The antagonist is an extremist, who believes that Batman is not doing his bit in protecting the city of Gotham. Under the influence of the gas, Batman starts attacking his friends. The episode ends with the caped crusader detonating his vest in order to kill everyone around him.

Batman: the Animated Series
A scene from Batman: The Animated Series

However, David Wise revealed that he would never incorporate such a brutal theme into the series. He said, “would never do this story in this day and age“. He would like to explore the idea of the consequences of Batman losing his control. Actors including Kevin Conroy, Star Wars actor Mark Hamill, John Glover, Arleen Sorkin, and Ron Perlman were a significant part of Batman: The Animated Series. 

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Kevin Conroy Has Not Recorded Dialogues For Batman: Caped Crusader

Late actor Kevin Conroy had been the voice behind the caped superhero in the 1992 released Batman: The Animated Series. The rumors around Conroy recording dialogues for the upcoming Batman: Caped Crusader became a talking point in the entertainment industry. Fans believed that Kevin Conroy would be the voice behind the protagonist in Batman: Caped Crusader. 

However, Bruce Timm, the creator of Batman: The Animated Series clarified that there were no plans to go ahead with Kevin Conroy with respect to voicing the character in Caped Crusader. According to the platform, Timm said-

“I have no idea if the CRISIS part of IGN’s supposed scoop is true or not, but Kevin Conroy did not record a voice for CAPED CRUSADER. We were hoping to have him do a voice for the new show (and he was eager to do it) but sadly he passed away before we could make it happen. 

Batman: The Animated Series
Kevin Conroy during an interview with DC All Access

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He further debunked the rumors and clearly pointed out that these baseless rumors had no weight. Bruce Timm said-

“As I have to do every so often, I will remind you all once again to take all un-sourced ‘news’ items in the sci-fi/comics/entertainment cybersphere with a huge grain of salt. Occasionally these ‘leaks‘ actually turn out to be true, but often as not they’re just cynical clickbait.”

Kevin Conroy is best known for voicing the character of Batman in the series, which led to fans believing the baseless rumors. Batman: Caped Crusader is a sequel to Batman: The Animated Series, but the series will depict a complex narrative with respect to the superhero.

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