Bringing the dead back to life is not just an interesting trope in movies and TV shows, it is also a well-established strategy by studios and production houses to ensure their overall success. After X-Men ‘97, rumor has it that Marvel might plan on reviving more shows back to life since they can mean the difference between world success and eventual bankruptcy. The studio has been in a tricky spot lately with its phase-wise plans disrupted by a legal case. It is on the lookout for the next big villain who can carry the phase to a satisfying climax.

Marvel To Focus on Resurrection After X-Men’97 Success

Marvel X-Men'97
X-Men ’97

Hailed as one the best Marvel shows in decades, fans have fallen in love with the latest animated stint by the studios X-Men ‘97. A wondrous play on nostalgia with advanced animation is a gift MCU fans have been waiting for. For those who didn’t know, X-Men ‘97 is a show that went off air in 1997 which Marvel has now revived and continued with the animated show on Disney+. The show’s unparalleled success, as evident in a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes, must relieve some of Marvel’s stress.

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To this extent, an industry insider claimed on X that the studio might bring back more such shows, both animated and live-action, to ensure MCU’s stable progression. After being back from the dumps where no project managed to earn the audiences’ approval, Marvel needs to pull up its socks and deliver projects that ignite nostalgia while meaningfully furthering the story. Already we can see the efforts with the MCU welcoming the mutants with Deadpool and Wolverine, and the past street heroes from TV shows like Daredevil and Echo.

This alleged shift in focus is just a rumor that we might see more shows like X-Men ‘97 make a comeback in today’s time. However, one title that should be revived nevertheless is Spider-Man: The Animated Series. Since 1994, the Fox Kids Network premiered 5 seasons of the fan-favorite show. Spider-Man: The Animated Series is not just one of Marvel’s best works, but it’s also one of the best storytelling ventures for the web-slinging hero.

Spider-Man: The Animated Series
Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Undoubtedly, fans will go gaga over seeing an animated Spidey on screen again. Back then, the show was not exactly canceled but rather ended after it ran its course. This was also due to funding issues and the fact that their contract ended. Fox signed on for 65 episodes of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man from the studio and that’s what they delivered. Fans are hoping and praying that Marvel sets its eyes on Spider-Man: The Animated Series for its next revival project.

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X-Men ‘97 Receives Glowing Reviews

X-Men '97
X-Men ’97

Critics and fans alike have been pleasantly surprised with Marvel’s efforts to revive X-Men ‘97. The beloved show is finally back on screen with a continuation of the story of the gang of mutant heroes. From the writing and characters to the action sequences and delightful animation, every aspect of X-Men ‘97 hits the bullseye with just the first few episodes.

While it was initially believed to be a passing project in order to infuse nostalgia into the MCU, the studio has proved the naysayers wrong by making magic on screen yet again. It is slowly bringing back the golden era when all MCU projects used to be a blockbuster hit. The best part about X-Men ‘97 is how it revels in its history rather than shaking off the past. It beautifully brings together all elements to present a brighter future.

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