Kurt Russell came to the screen in 2005 with a comedy superhero movie named Sky High. The movie was directed by American director, actor, and producer Mike Mitchell, and has since attained the status of a cult film.

A still from Sky High
A still from Sky High

Mike Mitchell seems to trust only Marvel to bring a sequel to Kurt Russell’s superhero movie. Considering how Marvel has succeeded in the superhero genre, Mitchell’s behavior is only natural. The director thinks the movie can get a sequel only if Marvel is interested in it. The director has a special admiration for Marvel’s work in the superhero genre. 

Director Mike Mitchell is Positive that Only Marvel Can Make a Sequel to Kurt Russell’s 2005 Movie

Kurt Russell in Sky High
Kurt Russell in Sky High

A couple of months ago, director Mike Mitchell discussed a sequel to one of his movies. He brought up an interesting idea he has for the sequel of the 2005 movie Sky High. The film follows the son of two superheroes on the journey to explore his powers, tackling a mysterious villain and getting the girl he likes while studying in an airborne high school.

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Although Mitchell is excited about a sequel to Russell’s superhero movie, he thinks that the work should be accomplished by none other than Marvel. The director told ComicBook.com:

“If we could pull Kevin into it. And, we could get Disney to…. Disney’s so scared of Marvel. Only Marvel can do superhero films. To which, I say, ‘Great!’ Let’s have Marvel do Sky High! That would be fun. So, I’m ready to go.”

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Mitchell is thrilled just by the idea of Marvel making the sequel to the movie. He is positive about the proposal because Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, is a great fan of it. Not just Feige, his entire team loved the movie because it was the first ever superhero-comedy movie. 

Marvel Joining Hands with DC Would Be a Dream Come True for Surviving Christmas Director

Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell | Source: Wikimedia Commons | Picture by Gage Skidmore

Many people must be aware that Mike Mitchell was the man behind The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. Mitchell did enjoy his time with DC which was a rather clever way to give some opinion on Batman, Superman, and other Justice League favorites. 

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When ComicBook.com approached Mitchell he said he would really love to see a collaboration between Marvel and DC. Mitchell wishes Marvel and DC to sideline their rivalry and join hands to create a cinematic masterpiece. 

“It would be great to see a DC and Marvel character in the same film…that would be fantastic. Maybe just cram them all together into one ultimate film. I’m sure it’s gonna happen at some point but I couldn’t be more happy to work on something like that. It would be fantastic!”

The Kung Fu Panda 4 director has made it quite clear that when and if the collaboration between Marvel and DC happens, he would be more than happy to work on it. Until then, if Marvel is looking to add a new superhero to their catalog, they know where to go.

Sky High is available for streaming on Disney+.

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