The highly awaited movie Deadpool 3 is yet again making the headline for its rumored cameos. Ever since The Dislnsider, shared the video on their YouTube channel which gave a glimpse into the possible cameos that are set to grace the upcoming Deadpool 3 film, the internet has gone crazy. While the authenticity of these rumored appearances remains unverified, the names of the stars on the list have already ignited a frenzy of speculation among the fans.

Julian McMahon
Julian McMahon

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Julian McMahon to appear as Doctor Doom in Deadpool 3

Julian McMahon the well-known actor from the Bait has also been listed in the rumored cameo list of Deadpool 3. Speculations have been around that McMahon will appear in Deadpool 3 as Doctor Doom.

Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom

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Julian McMahon first played the role of Doctor Doom in the early 2000s Fantastic Four Movie which stands as Marvel’s most recognizable and complex antagonist. However, as per the rumors, McMahon is once again going to be seen as Doctor Doom in the upcoming Deadpool 3. Even though there is no official confirmation on this topic yet, the rumors alone have the fans excited.

A Star-Studded Lineup: Other rumored cameos of Deadpool 3

The video shared by The Dislnsider has hinted towards a list of stars who are going to be a part of the Deadpool 3 narrative. As per the video among the rumored cameos are Taron Edgerton, who is said to play the role of an alternative version of Wolverine, and also the return of Ian McKellen as the magnetic mastermind Magneto.

Deadpool 3
Deadpool 3

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The lineup continues to captivate fans with its diversity and depth. Speculated appearances include Brian Cox as the notorious William Stryker, Halle Berry reprising her role as Storm, and even Owen Wilson stepping into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Mobius, a character from the popular Loki series. The list extends further, encompassing names like Famke Jensen as Jean Grey, Channing Tatum as Gambit, and the unexpected yet intriguing casting of Ben Affleck as Daredevil. Taylor Swift’s rumored portrayal of Dazzler, Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff, and Julian McMahon’s reprisal of Doctor Doom from the original Fantastic Four films also add to the impressive roster.

Even though none of these appearances have yet been officialized by the studio, fans are excited to see some of their favorite stars even in the rumored list of the upcoming Deadpool 3. As the movie is set to release on 3rd May 2024 speculation around it is increasing keeping the fans more and more involved.

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