Paris Hilton along with her husband Carter Reum recently welcomed their first child through surrogacy. Sharing a glimpse of their baby boy Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum, on Instagram, Hilton praised and showered Kim Kardashian with gratitude. The new mom showed her honest appreciation for her former assistant, Kardashian for helping her through surrogacy. 

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton with longtime pal Kim Kardashian

The news of Hilton’s pregnancy just after a year of tying the knot with Reum at a lavish Bel Air wedding, was followed by a “forever grateful” message for the SKIMS founder. It was mentioned that Hilton confided in Kardashian, her longtime pal who guided her through her surrogacy being a “rock”. 

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Kim Kardashian Helped Paris Hilton During Surrogacy 

Paris Hilton recently welcomed her son Phoenix, with her husband Carter Reum through surrogacy. Keeping the news of pregnancy a secret from her mother Kathy and sister Nicky, Hilton confided in her longtime pal Kim Kardashian. Former assistant to Hilton and reality star, Kardashian welcomed two of her four children through surrogacy. Therefore, her experience helped Hilton throughout the process. 

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton welcomes baby boy through surrogacy

Sources close to the 42-year-old new mom revealed, “Paris saw what an amazing experience using a surrogate was for Kim and confided in her from when the baby was just a thought until now.” Relying on the SKIMS founder for advice not only helped Hilton with her pregnancy but also strengthen her bond with the reality TV star. “Kim has been Paris’s rock during the entire surrogacy.” sources mentioned. 

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton’s Instagram post

After the success of the entire process and constant help from the SKIMS founder, 42-year-old Paris Hilton along with her husband Reum welcomed a healthy baby boy. The couple recently shared a glimpse of their munchkin on Instagram. 

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Paris Hilton Grateful For Kim Kardashian’s Help And Advice

On her road to motherhood, Paris Hilton took help and advice from former assistant Kim Kardashian. In difficult times, she turned to Kardashian who advised her on the process of surrogacy. Hilton shared, “I went and did the one round of IVF because Kim had told me about it. So I had eggs frozen.” With the willingness of starting a family with Reum, as well as the fear of going through the physical part of childbirth, Hilton decided on surrogacy. 

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton showers Kim Kardashian with gratitude

Kim Kardashian’s help and advice of visiting Dr. Huang, the same doctor she visited during her surrogacy worked miracles for Paris Hilton. According to sources, “She (Kim) devoted so much of her time to making sure that Paris had the beautiful experience that she had with surrogacy”. Further stating, “Paris is forever grateful and she considers Kim a part of her family now more than ever.” 

Although busy with her newborn child, Hilton didn’t forget Kardashian’s help throughout the process. Sources reveal, amid excitement and joy, the new parents are grateful for the billionaire’s help. 

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Source: DailyMail

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