Pedro Pascal’s journey to portraying the unforgettable character Oberyn Martell on HBO’s sensational fantasy series, Game of Thrones, was far from straightforward. His ascent from minor roles to becoming a star exemplifies the hard work and dedication he poured into his craft over the course of nearly two decades. Prior to achieving widespread recognition for his portrayal of Oberyn Martell, Pedro Pascal spent years immersed in the world of acting. It wasn’t until 2014 that Pascal’s career trajectory took a significant turn when he landed the role of Oberyn Martell in the acclaimed series Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones

The show, widely regarded as the most impactful fantasy series in television history, provided him with the platform to showcase his talent on a global scale. Although his performance as Oberyn Martell catapulted him to fame and secured him a place in the hearts of fans, Pascal’s journey to securing the role wasn’t as effortless as it may seem. Despite the monumental impact that Game of Thrones would have on his career, Pascal’s initial audition for the role didn’t reflect the depth of his dedication.

Pedro Pascal’s Unique Path to Landing Game of Thrones Role

Pedro Pascal
Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal‘s portrayal of Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones was a defining moment in his career. What’s intriguing, however, is the unconventional and seemingly lackadaisical approach he took when auditioning for the role. Rather than meticulously crafting his audition to perfection, Pascal chose to present himself in a more casual light. He sent in a video recording where he read his lines in a manner that can only be described as casual. Remarkably, this decision to take a more relaxed approach didn’t deter Pascal’s chances.

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David Benioff, one of the show’s creators, revealed in an interview that Pascal’s audition was filmed using nothing more than an iPhone. The quality of the video was far from professional; it was shot vertically and exhibited a rather amateurish look. However, amidst this unpolished presentation, Pascal’s performance stood out as a remarkable exception. Despite the subpar quality of the audition video and the unconventional medium through which it was delivered, it was ultimately Pascal’s acting prowess that made all the difference. His performance was so compelling that it convinced Benioff to hire him for the pivotal role.

Interestingly, the chain of events that led to Pascal’s audition opportunity was a serendipitous one. He didn’t secure the audition through traditional means. Rather, his friend and fellow actor Sarah Paulson played a key role in the process. Paulson agreed to pass Pascal’s audition tape to her friend Amanda Peet, an actress who also happens to be married to David Benioff. This fortunate connection provided Pascal with the chance to showcase his talent to the decision-makers behind Game of Thrones.

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Pedro Pascal’s Lifelong Dream was Starring a Role in Game of Thrones

Pedro Pascal
Pedro Pascal

Cast in the phenomenally popular fantasy series Game of Thrones, Pascal found himself not only stepping onto the grand stage of television but also living out a dream of his own. In Season 4, he portrayed Oberyn Martell, aligning with his adeptness for intricate roles. Despite his skill, the audition posed a hurdle. Confronted with pages of dialogue, Pascal raced against time. He recorded a video, showcasing dedication and resourcefulness.

“It’s true! I had my friend tape me with my iPhone … There were so many pages. They sent me like 20 something pages to do, which obviously, in the time that they wanted the tape to be turned in, I wasn’t going to be able to memorize all those lines.”

Reflecting on his HBO tenure, Pascal brimmed with enthusiasm. In an interview, he portrayed it as a dream fulfilled, mirroring global fan sentiments. Pascal fondly recalled his brief 10-week stint on set. Unlike the complex costumes of Game of Thrones, his comfortable attire and wig-free experience felt like serendipity. In a world where actors often grapple with the challenges of extended shoots and intricate costumes, Pascal’s experience was remarkably smooth.

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