We all know and love protagonists like Buzz Lightyear, WALL-E, and Nemo who have all been the main characters in Pixar films over the years. But what are the genesis stories of the Pixar villains? After all, they say a story is only as good as its antagonist, and Pixar has given us some fantastic villains to root for since Toy Story debuted in 1995.

While villains like Skinner from Ratatouille and Ernesto de la Cruz from Coco have no redeeming characteristics, Pixar has also given us a few baddies we can’t help but feel sorry for now and then. We don’t always agree with Pixar villains, but we may sometimes empathize with them. Here are some of them


Soul / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

She’s simply doing her job. Joe Gardner and 22 are the ones who are defying the laws of physics and the afterlife. Terry is a grumpy accountant whose duty it is to count the souls who are meant to pass into “The Great Beyond.”

Stinky Pete

Toy Story 2
Toy Story 2 / Buena Vista Pictures

Pete spent the majority of his life trapped inside a box on the shelf of a dime store, waiting to be purchased by a child eager to play with him. Adult collector Al eventually bought him as he attempted to assemble a Woody’s Roundup collection to sell for a profit. 


Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3 / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Lotso and Daisy’s other toys Big Baby and Chuckles journeyed all the way back to Daisy’s house after being unintentionally left behind on a picnic by his original owner Daisy, only to discover that Lotso had been replaced by another Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear.


Cars / Buena Vista Pictures

Chick has been given the nickname “The Runner-Up” because he’s spent his entire career finishing in second place behind the King. And just as the King is about to retire and open the door for you, a young punk named Lightning McQueen comes in and steals all the glory?

Evelyn Deavor

Incredibles 2
Incredibles 2 / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Burglars broke into Evelyn and Winston’s family house one night when they were children. Despite the fact that the Deavors possessed a safe chamber – which would have come in handy in this case – their father believed it would be a good idea to enlist the help of superheroes Gazerbeam and Fironic. Mr. Deavor was fatally shot because aid never arrived. Evelyn and Winston’s mother died of sadness shortly after, leaving them all alone. 

Randall Boggs

Monsters University
Monsters University / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

After being admitted into the Roar Omega Roar fraternity at the university, Randall gradually transforms from a good-natured student who assists Mike with his studies into a bully.

Young Buddy Pine

The Incredibles
The Incredibles / Buena Vista Pictures

Buddy was so enamored with Mr. Incredible’s incredible feats of daring-do that he wanted to join him as an “IncrediBoy” sidekick. Bringing a child along to combat supervillains seems like a horrible idea from the start and Mr. Incredible swiftly shut Buddy down. 

Anton Ego

Ratatouille / Buena Vista Pictures

Despite the fact that Ego clearly enjoyed slamming restaurants in his line of work (his writing room is shaped like a coffin, after all), towards the conclusion of the movie, he remembers what started his love affair with food in the first place.

Charles Muntz

Up / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Muntz unveils the skeleton of a large bird, which he dubs “The Monster of Paradise Falls,” after this fatal journey. The scientific community calls him a liar since they believe the animal is a complete fiction, and Muntz swears he will not return to his homeland until he can bring this gorgeous creature back with him.

 Henry J. Waternoose III

Monsters, Inc.
Monsters, Inc. / Buena Vista Pictures

Waternoose, as a serious businessman, would certainly be willing to go to any length to keep his company viable. And that brings us to a problem: when you have to resort to kidnapping children in order to sustain your family business, something isn’t quite right. It’s logical that Monsters, Inc. was a critical part of the Monstropolis infrastructure, as it provided all of the city’s electricity and would put countless employees out of work if it went out of business.

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