Hurray to the New Year

So hurray to 2020 as in less than a year, the release of PlayStation 5 is expected. But Sony Interactive Entertainment is silent about the features and details of PS5. No one knows about a release date, price, or even the games that will be featured along with the launch. No source has any information regarding the type of backward compatibility or any features regarding Sony’s console.


HipHopGamer recently revealed a report regarding PS5 and also published an interesting scoop about the systems backward compatibility support. HipHopGamer also went onto add about how Sony is also working the “Remastering Engine” for the PS5. This means that the previous versions of PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4 will be able to run titles across the console provided with various enhancements.

What does the professional have to say?

As per the report, it is also revealed that the features will similarly work as that of Xbox One X, which can handle backward compatibility. This is good news to gamers as this means despite not being able to run the older games, they will be able to add to them additionally like that of 4K support.

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Is it an excellent source?

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One might think that it’s all good to be true, especially with it being personal info. But in terms of sources, HipHopGamer has been a reliable source in the past and also shows much confidence in his words regarding all these updates, features, and many more, even if it means Sony hasn’t said yes.

PS5 PlayStation 5 - Concept Design Trailer V2 - Welcome to the future of Gaming - VR4Player


Source: ComicBook


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