Every Moon Knight episode which has been released till now has been exploding in our minds with all the content. Oscar Isac is brilliant, but the action in the series is outstanding as well. We all are seriously upset about this one thing though, why is it only 6 episodes long? Don’t we want like 20 more?

The series finally introduced us to the Egyptian Moon God Khonshu and oh man, we are totally in love! Him with the skull of a bird might look scary but he is just so amazing. And we love His interactions with all personalities of Moon Knight.

Moon Knight Avatars
Many “Moon Knights”

When the second episode was aired, we realized that while Arthur Harrow has good intentions for the world, however, his means of achieving peace is just very wrong. But what shocked everyone was when Harrow made the big revelation aka him being the servant of Khonshu as well!

This just got us thinking, are there many more avatars of Moon Knight as well?

Who all have served Khonshu before?

Moon Knight was created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin and what makes the character and comics more interesting is that, unlike many other superheroes, Knight is not just one person. It is a mantle that has been passed down for generations. Marc Spector and Arthur Harrow were the previous avatars of Khonshu and it was hinted that the next avatar would be Layla aka Marc’s wife.

While no history of the avatars has been yet revealed, comic books have mentioned that quite a lot of people have taken up the mantle.

Moon Knight Avatars
Moon Knight going against Kang

In the comic book Moon Knight Annual #1 by Cullen Bunn, Ibrahim Moustafa and Matt Horak did show the history of the character. In the book, Khonshu is fighting Kang and it seems like Kang wants to collect 3 artifacts so that he can rule time. So Khonshu sends his Knight Marc Spector across time to stop Kang from gaining all these artifacts.

While he was time traveling, Marc meets many avatars of Khonshu. He meets the Wild West version who uses a revolver with silver bullets. Then while moving towards the World War II era, Marc meets an avatar who was a soldier who lead the Silver Company.

He further meets Viking Knight, Roman Knight, Pirate Knight, Victorian Knight, and Cyborg Knight too! Of course, there are many more as pointed out by the Twitter user above!

Now that Kang is the main villain of MCU thanks to Loki, and Moon Knight has made his way in the MCU would we see him them going head to head?

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