Ever since the infamous Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial, the internet has been busy making up assumptions about the former couple’s lives. The majority of the users have taken either side, and they seem to be hell-bent on proving that the one they support is right. However, such staunch support for celebrities caught up in a chaotic legal battle can sometimes prove to be bad for the fans.

YouTuber facing legal charges for supporting Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp
The actor continues to receive support from fans

A YouTuber named Laura Bockoven, who is a staunch supporter of the Pirates of the Caribbean actor, recently recieved a cease-and-desist letter for going too far in her support for the actor. The YouTuber, who was once a real estate salesperson in Massachusetts, seems to have dedicated her life to defending Johnny Depp. She recently attributed a pro-Amber Heard Twitter account to Crisanta White. Due to this, Crisanta White, who is a publicist at Shane Communications, received a lot of hate online.

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Shane Communication employee accused of conspiracies by Laura Bockoven

Amber Heard
Amber Heard supporters continue to receive hate online

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Shane Communications is the firm that handles Amber Heard’s public relations, and thus, the company already doesn’t have a good reputation. Accusing one of the company’s employees as a supporter of Amber Heard is just adding fuel to the fire. Crisanta White revealed that not only did she face online harassment, but her private information, including her addresses, was publicly released, leaving her and her family at risk.

Angered by the chaos created by Laura Bockoven’s tweet, which linked her to an account called k4mil1aa (or Kamilla), Crisanta White released a statement in which she said,

“I have always prided myself on having an outstanding reputation. In turn, I am taking legal action against Laura.”

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Johnny Depp fan’s claims were based on racial similarity

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard
Supporting either of the actors can prove detrimental in today’s time

Laura Bockoven had made her claims based on the account’s display picture of a Black woman since Crisanta White is also a Black woman. The cease-and-desist letter addressed Laura’s allegations and stated,

“We are hard-pressed to understand why you think Ms. White is Kamilla. Is it because both women are African-American? Regardless, your false accusation against Ms. White has resulted in a steady stream of harassment and threats by people who believe your claim and are like-minded with respect to the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard defamation case.”

This instance proves that no matter whose side you’re on, sometimes it is best to avoid accusing other people online since it can lead to dire circumstances.

Source: NBC News

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