Rosario Dawson the acclaimed actress who has been in the news a lot for her recent release Ahsoka, has once again grabbed the attention of fans as her past interview went viral. Back in 2007, while promoting her movie Death Proof, Dawson talked about how Quentin Tarantino made her Fight Club fantasy come alive.

Rosario Dawson
Rosario Dawson

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Rosario Dawson Lived Her Fight Club Fantasy All Because Of Quentin Tarantino

While promoting her movie Death Proof, the Ahsoka fame Rosario Dawson talked about her Fight Club fantasy. During her interview with Movie Hole, Dawson was asked about the last scene in her movie Death Proof where she fought Kurt Russell.

Rosario Dawson in Death Proof
Rosario Dawson in Death Proof

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Talking about this Rosario Dawson said that it was one of the best experiences that she has ever had and it is all because of Quentin Tarantino. She further explained the time when she first saw Fight Club and always fantasized about coming out like Brad Pitt. Dawson also said that the last scene of Death Proof gave her the same feeling.

Rosario Dawson said, “I remember watching Fight Club and coming out wanting to be Brad Pitt – and to watch this movie and feel that same feeling coming from the women is cool”.

Dawson also perceived this scene to be very exciting for her female fans and also called it out to be a great date movie.

Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka: The Fan Favorite

Ahsoka starring Rosario Dawson has made its way to the Amazon. Ever since its release the show has been said to be receiving a lot of positive responses. Taking on to the Star Wars series even Lucasfilm has confirmed that the show has been watched by 14 million people.

Ahsoka Disney
Ahsoka Disney

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Confirming the same the statement from Lucasfilm read “Ahsoka has become a fan favorite with people of all ages and it’s wonderful to see her continue to resonate with viewers in her very own headlining series.”

Although despite this the success of Ahsoka is in question as many third-party sources have revealed different figures.

 Source: Movie Hole 

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