Justin Bieber, the Canadian singer-songwriter, is one of the most famous musicians in the world right now. The singer first rose to fame when he released his debut studio album My world 2.0 back in 2010. The song Baby from the album became the highest certified single of all time in the US. The Peaches singer got diagnosed with Ramsay-Hunt syndrome earlier this year and had to cancel the remaining of his US tour.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

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Diagnosis and Return to Stage after Two Months

Justin Bieber got diagnosed with Ramsay-Hunt Syndrome in June and suffered partial facial paralysis. The pop sensation was partially unable to move the right side of his face. On 31st July, the Ghost singer returned to the stage by performing at Lucca Summer Festival in Italy. It seemed like the star is completely fine and has many shows lined up for Europe this month.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber got diagnosed with Ramsay-Hunt Syndrome

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In May, Bieber made a public statement about racism when performing in Mexico City. The pop sensation said that there are many divisions in the world that lead to racial injustice. He called racism horrible saying, “We can make a difference, we can be together and unite, racism is diabolical!

Justin Bieber takes a Moment to talk about Racism

Bieber gained a lot of positive feedback from people all over the world about his comments on racism in Mexico City. Then he went on to describe his tour as a “tour of unity and acceptance, we are all the same.

When performing in Trondheim, Norway this week, the pop sensation made a heartwarming speech about racism. He explained that when he created the Justice album, he wanted to create an intentional moment of peace, unity, and acceptance. He wants the people to come together through his album. The Stay singer said, “We know that racism is evil. It’s wrong. But you and I, we get to be the difference-makers.” He wanted his fans to be the flag bearers of change and diminish racial injustice throughout the world. Bieber even uploaded a part of his speech on Instagram on Monday.

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Justin Bieber takes a stand against racism
Justin Bieber takes a stand against racism

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The Sorry singer will be heading to South America in September. The singer is all set to perform a dozen shows in the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand by the end of the year. Things are looking up for him and his wife Hailey Bieber and all his fans around the world.

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