The Kardashian and Jenner families frequently make headlines. The women in this reality show family never fail to create news, whether it is for their divisive remarks, photoshopped pictures, surgeries, or romantic relationships. We tell you about the day Kylie Jenner opened out about having fillers and going under the knife in today’s throwback article.

Kylie Jenner speaks out about the rumors stating that she got face surgery

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner

In a previous interview with Paper Mag, she was open and honest about the claims that she had cosmetic surgery. The Kylie Cosmetics entrepreneur admitted to the publication that up until that point she had only experimented with fillers, saying, “People think I fully went under the knife and completely reconstructed my face, which is completely false.

Further discussing her upcoming procedures, Kylie Jenner told the publication for their cover story, “I’m terrified! I would never.” She also disclosed that the changes she has made to herself thus far have all been based on filler during the same chat.

People think I fully went under the knife and completely reconstructed my face, which is completely false. They don’t understand what good hair and makeup and, like, fillers, can really do.

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Kylie Jenner’s thoughts on surgery

Kylie Jenner posts for announcement of her new birthday edition makeup collection
Kylie Jenner during the announcement of the new birthday edition makeup collection

It’s fillers. I’m not denying that.

The celeb has since had a number of changes made to her body. These include dissolving her fillers in October 2018 and obtaining temporary lip fillers when she was around 17 in 2015 (she discussed this in a KUWTK show that year).

I’m not against surgery. I’d never say no, but I don’t desire it right now.

After Kylie Jenner welcomed Stormi, some online users even believed she had a b**b job done.

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Will Kylie Jenner have more modifications after having her second child in 2022?

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner posing while holding their second child
Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner welcomed their second child

The celebrity got a lot of attention and praise from her fan following after she had her second child. She had uploaded videos of herself getting back to shape while using a treadmill. She even stated how the media projects unrealistic expectations within the beauty industry. The majority of her fans appreciated her vulnerability about the physical and mental toll she has gone through.

This begs the question if the popular celeb will have any future modifications applied to her body after going through pregnancy twice.

Source: Koimoi

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