Animated and live-action projects both have their unique charm. Instances of seeing adaptations of these formats have recently been on the rise. Invincible, an action-adventure animated series based on comic books, has also sparked rumors of releasing a live-action version of its superhuman adventures. Although we received an official confirmation back in 2017, the script of the movie has still not been finalized, delaying the entire project subsequently.

Will There Be an Invincible Live-Action Series?


Talks of Invincible Live-Action have been making the rounds. In 2017, it was confirmed that a movie was officially in the works, but the strikes and other creative challenges have posed obstacles to the project. Robert Kirkman, Seth Rogen, and Evan Goldberg are at the helm for the Invincible live-action flick. While the plot is not yet finalized, we expect it to be connected to the series somehow while giving us a wider look at the Invincible’s world.

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Before the second season of the show was released, Kirkman gave an update on the development of the live-action movie to Variety.

“Still in the script development stage. I think once we get the script to where it needs to be, I think we’ll be in a good place, and can move fairly quickly after that. But all of the factors that I just discussed are things that we’re thinking about: How does this feel new? How does this feel different? How is this going to feel like something that’s special? Those are very tall orders. We also need to find a way to play off the animated series, but also differentiate ourselves and give the movie a reason for existing. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done. But we’re hopeful.”

A still from Invincible season 1
A still from Invincible Season 1

The story revolves around a teen Mark Grayson, voiced by Steven Yeun, who has to deal with the fact that his father is a superhero called Omni-Man, all the while coming to terms with his own super abilities. As the story unfolds further, Grayson realizes his father is not as heroic as he seems. If the success of the Prime Video Animated series is any proof, the movie is set to be a superhit as the audience is intrigued by the story and the complex characters, far from the usual superhuman characters we know.

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Will Steven Yeun be in Live-Action Invincible?


At the recent IGN fan fest, Kirkman spoke about the upcoming storylines in the animated show and the progress of the live-action movie. Given the crossover plots in the comics where we see Marvel superheroes like Spider-Man and the Avengers with the Invincible cast, fans have demanded the two worlds collide and put the heroes together on screen.

On the other hand, while hinting at the delays in making the movie and other challenges that have hindered the making of the movie to date, Kirkman joked that Yeun will be all grown up by the time the film comes out. Kirkman would want to cast him as Cecil Stedman by that time. He said,

“Now that the show is out and the animated series is doing well, we’re trying to figure out ways to make sure it stands apart, works in tandem with the show to show how cool Invincible is, and doesn’t detract from it in any way. There’s a lot of maneuvering that has to go into that, so it is taking a little bit of time. I can’t wait for everyone to see Steven Yeun as Cecil Stedman!”

The interviewer asked if the project indeed would be that delayed, and Kirkman said that is a possibility. The movie is in the pipeline and is moving slowly. Their efforts to get everything right show that they are determined to make a movie fans will be satisfied with, rather than making one just for the heck of it.

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