The Captain Marvel incident have made a lot of noise into the industry and have made Rotten Tomatoes take up some measures to fight trolls and their messages online. The audiences who have spammed the site with determined trolls from all around are being taken an active measure.

Rotten Tomatoes
Rotten Tomatoes audience who trashed Captain Marvel with online commenting

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What’s New?

This measures are taking into shapes as well. Rotten Tomatoes are now asking users to verify whether they have actually seen the movie or not. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Rotten Tomatoes are taking active stances towards their online measures. They are trying to ensure that people don’t post something online without watching.

Rotten Tomatoes is also increasing the integrity of their users with the help of these measures. They are helping people to understand that their user data and customer integration matters to them. This is not yet implemented on the site but the viewers will have to make this decision. Soon.

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Rotten Tomatoes is the go to source for people to post about something they just saw on the screen. It helps people to post their reviews online and let the others know about it. But with the screening of the Captain Marvels, things got haywired. Thousands and thousands of people commented on the same and spammed the site. This is why Rotten Tomatoes removed their content.

Rotten tomatoes said that the trolls don’t appear before handily. They waits for some movie to drop so that they can comment about it.

Dana Benson, the Vice President of Rotten Tomatoes said.

‘We are disappointed that there was a group of people who were obviously very passionate and who had a negative opinion of the movie and whether they saw it or not. We are in the middle of evolving the audience score. We want to ensure its credibility’.

This is not the first time Rotten Tomatoes have handled trolls. The same treatment happened with Black Panther. And the all-female Ghostbusters revival subjected the same.

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