Dwayne Johnson or The Rock was close to getting canceled on Twitter for a very specific tweet. This tweet would be in regard to the recent passing of the Queen of England. As many have come to know that the actor has been working on advertising his upcoming DC film, Black Adam. The advertisements for the film have been quite entertaining due to the actor’s natural charm added in with a promising trailer for the same.

However, the tweet in question advertises the film by attaching itself to the passing of the Queen. The actor made a quick recovery after he uploaded a video of himself addressing the tragedy. This video was uploaded immediately after the tweet about his film and the Queen began to go viral.

The passing of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II passes away at 96

The royal family was gradually converging to Balmoral as word of her failing health spread and the unavoidable became clear. Without receiving official confirmation from the Royal Family, several media sites even went as far as to claim that the Queen had actually gone away. However, Her Majesty’s demise has now been officially announced.

At her Scottish estate, where she had spent the majority of the summer, she passed away peacefully on Thursday afternoon. It was a “moment of great sadness” for the royal family, according to her son King Charles III, and her loss will be “deeply felt” all around the world.

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The Rock seemingly tweeted about the passing by advertising his upcoming movie

Fake tweet of Dwayne Johnson about the passing of the Queen.
Fake tweet of Dwayne Johnson about the passing of the Queen.

A fake tweet began to get viral on Thursday right after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II was announced. The tweet which seemed to originate from the actor, Dwayne Johnson stated as follows:

“Rest in peace to Her Majesty the Queen, Elizabeth II. A great woman who sat on the throne as long as anyone in British history. Sad she will never get to see #BlackAdam IN THEATERS OCT 21st”

The actor’s Twitter account was used to send a fake condolence message to the royal family in response to the Queen’s passing. The Rock is known to be so wholesome and charming to the core. It is clear that the Jumanji actor does not advertise in such a manner. Especially advertising his movie with the aid of a tragedy. The tweet itself may be hilarious, however, it is also extremely offensive.

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What the real Dwayne Johnson had to say about the tragedy

A-list actors who do their own stunts
Actor Dwayne Johnson

The real Dwayne Johnson managed to make a quick recovery. Before the fake tweet could go more viral, the actor a video of himself talking about the passing of the Queen of England. The video got uploaded to his Twitter account as well as his Instagram. The Rock sends his condolences and expresses his thoughts on the passing of the Queen.

“Well, it has been one hell of a Thursday so far. I’m just swooping in really quickly to stop in and send my love and my condolences, my light, my strength to the royal family during this time in the spirit of the passing of the Queen.”

The actor goes on to give the passing of his father as an example of how the royal family might feel after facing such a loss. Needless to mention that The Rock has a heart of gold and continues to prove that with his thoughts about the Queen. He can be spotted in his new role in Black Adam which is set to release in theaters on the 21st of October, 2022.

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