Shakira recently dropped her new bomb album Te Felicito which is creating a mess over the internet. The new album is reported to be about her ex-partner and his new girlfriend. The Spanish diss track by the Colombian singer starts with her tax trial, followed by her miserable situation due to her history of dating Gerard Piqué. A massive scandal has broken after the release of her song, although Piqué doesn’t seem to bother himself with the claims of the song. 

Shakira for her new song
Shakira’s new song ‘Te Felicito’ is her artistic expression

In a recent interview after the release of Te Felicito, the singer stated her ways to figure out about her ex-partner’s affair. The singer and the athlete were known as the power couple for more than a decade, however, with them quitting their relationship seems like good things do die young. 

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‘Jam Jars Don’t Lie’ – Shakira’s unique way of figuring out Gerard Piqué’s affair

No matter how far you go, you can’t hide the truth, and eventually, even Gerard Piqué‘s truth came out. After a long-drawn feud between Shakira and Piqué, the couple decided to end their relationship on peaceful terms, and have joint custody of their children. After the squabble between the couple ended legally, Piqué came out to the public with his new girlfriend Clara Chia Marti. 

Shakira, seemed unmoved by Piqué’s revelation since she claimed she already knew about Piqué’s affair with Marti, during their relationship. The Waka Waka singer stated in an interview with ShowNews Today, about her unique way of finding out about her ex-partner’s affair with a much younger woman. 

Shakira’s new song is a reference to her ex-partner’s affair

Shakira stated that she found out about Piqué’s affair through jam jars. Yes, you read it right. Shakira loved strawberry jam but the player and their children never had a liking for jam. So the surprise came into Shakira’s life when she went for a music promotion only to come back to disappearing jams in the jars. Now, since Piqué and her children never ate jam, it was a clear suspicion that someone else visited and emptied the jams. 

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Shakira’s latest song reveals Gerard Piqué’s affair scandal 

Shakira and Gerard Piqué shared more than a decade together and welcomed two children, Sasha and Milan. The Hips Don’t Lie singer has always tried to keep her personal life concealed from the public eye, however, with her difficult separation from Piqué, things started becoming news headlines. 

Shakira seemed to be quite open about her relationship after her separation. The Colombian singer dropped a new song Te Felicito which revealed quite a lot of information about her ex-partner’s affair with Clara Chia Marti. The singer even shared her unique way of finding out about Chia Marti’s existence in Piqué’s life. Shakira mentioned every little thing that was going on in her life while dating Piqué, in a metaphor through her new song. 

Shakira opened up about her separation from Gerard Piqué

In an interview with ELLE Spain, the singer opened up about her separation and Piqué’s affair “It’s been hard not only for me but for my kids as well. Unbelievably hard.” 

With Shakira’s new song making headlines, her athlete ex-partner doesn’t seem to make any remarks. Although fans are going gaga over her artistic expression and way of spilling secrets for the world to know. 

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Source: Show News Today

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