There is no doubt that the Hollywood Awards season is in full swing at the start of 2023. Following the Golden Globes Awards and the Critics’ Choice Awards, the 95th Academy Awards will be held on March 12th, 2023, in Los Angeles, California, to recognize the best performances and movies released in 2022. The Oscar nominations were announced on January 24, and a shocker was revealed for Tom Cruise fans as he was not nominated for the Best Actor award for his movie Top Gun: Maverick (2022).

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun: Maverick, on the other hand, has received six Oscars nominations, including Best Picture, demonstrating that Hollywood is considering the public wishes and honoring box office hits rather than arthouse classics.

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Tom Cruise Fans Criticize Oscars For Not Nominating Him For Best Actor

The Hollywood action legend Tom Cruise was not nominated for the Best Actor category in the 95th Academy Awards (Oscars). However, the Best Picture nomination for Top Gun: Maverick could result in him winning his first Academy Award for the film he produced. This is the fourth Oscar nomination he received in his full-fledged career. Earlier, he had been nominated for an Oscar in the Best Actor category for his roles in Born on the Fourth of July (1989) and Jerry Maguire (1996) but had yet to be awarded an Oscar.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Cruise’s fans believe that the actor and the movie Top Gun can’t be split, calling the film a star vehicle for the actor and furious at the Academy Awards snubbing him for the best actor in the movie sequel. A senior film reporter at Collider, Jeff Sneider, expressed his disappointment on Twitter that Cruise was not nominated for the Best Actor category at the upcoming Oscars in 2023.

Sneider Tweeted,

“If Tom Cruise isn’t nominated for Best Actor tomorrow, the Academy should hang its head in shame. Make no mistake, they OWE it to him.”

Later, he tweeted a GIF image on his previous tweet, which reads, “Shame. Shame. Shame

His tweet went viral in a very less time, and other fans came forward to support his voice for Cruise. As a result of the situation, Cruise’s fans are furious on Twitter and are feeling that the actor has been treated unfairly. However, a debate has emerged among fans, in which some feel that more remarkable performances are there that should be praised.

The sequel brought Cruise back as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, a U.S. Navy captain and test pilot, 30 years after the original Top Gun. The film Top Gun: Maverick is nominated for Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Visual Effects, Original Song (Lady Gaga’s Hold My Hand), Best Sound, and Best Film Editing.

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Jennifer Connelly Wanted Tom Cruise To Get Nominated for Oscar 2023’s Best Actor Title

According to Jennifer Connelly, in an interview with Variety, before the nominations for the Oscars were announced, she firmly believed that Tom Cruise deserves the award for the Oscar’s Best Actor category this year. It is no secret that Jennifer Connelly played a crucial role in the movie Top Gun: Maverick alongside Cruise.

Tom Cruise and Jennifer Connelly
Cruise and Jennifer Connelly in Top Gun: Maverick

Connelly told Variety,

“He’s extraordinary. I think he does an amazing job in the movie. He’s extraordinary as a person and fantastic as an actor, and I think that he is just…perfect. I think that he embodies that character so beautifully… I think he absolutely deserves it.”

She continued,

“I think the film is a really well-made film, and it’s really hard to make a film like that, you know. And also, thinking about Tom’s work…think of the things that he did for that role. Besides all the stuff on the ground and how wonderful he is in those scenes and creating those relationships – I think that relationship he has with you know, Miles’ character, is so beautiful and moving.”

In recognition of his production work on the blockbuster sequel to Top Gun, which has grossed approximately $1.5 billion to date, Cruise received his fourth Academy Award nomination. However, Cruise’s action movie is competing for the Best Picture award against many. Others in the race are  Everything Everywhere All at Once, Avatar: The Way of Water, All Quiet on the Western Front, The Fabelmans, The Banshees of Inisherin, Elvis, Tár, Triangle of Sadness, and Women Talking. The film Everything Everywhere All at Once is leading in the Academy Awards 2023 holding 11 nominations.

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Source: TwitterVariety

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