Marvel’s She-Hulk is the talk of the town and has got fans quite excited for the upcoming series on Disney+! Bruce Banner’s cousin Jennifer Walters is finally making her debut in the MCU and will be played by Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black fame),

While we already have quite a lot of expectations from the series, here are some villains we would want to see in She-Hulk :

1. Behemoth

She-Hulk villains

Also known as Man-Elephant, Behemoth is one of the most iconic villains from She-hulk. Manfred Ellsworth Haller used to be an engineer as well as the owner of a Hydraulics company. There he ended up building an extremely powerful elephant suit that would protect people from dangerous and threatening environments.

In order to prove his suit’s worthiness, he even persuaded She-Hulk into a battle and did pretty great. But then Stark Industries forced him to end his business and then he traveled to Timbuktu. He met someone who gave him a piece of Cyttorak crystal which lead to his transformation to Behemoth.

2. Absorbing Man

She-Hulk villains
Absorbing Man

This villain has an interesting tale. He used to be a former boxer who had lost to Jack Mudrock (yes Daredevil’s father!). Carl Creed then found a potion that was created by Loki and drank it. This granted him the ability to absorb and become anything he had touched.

He has been an enemy of Thor as well as Hulk and then went on to battle She-Hulk. And he has already made an appearance in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

3. Nogor

She-Hulk Villains

Thankfully, Captain Marvel has already introduced Skrull to the MCU which makes it easier for Nogor to be introduced in the She-Hulk series. Nogor is also known as the Tailsman that represented the Skrull gods and he infiltrated Earth during the Skrull Invasion.

Nogor took the place of Longshot (X-Men ally) but was discovered by Jazinda an ally of She-Hulk. He was later defeated by the X-Factor Investigations before things went out of hand.

4. Ultima

She-Hulk Villains

She would make a challenging opponent in the series She-Hulk. She was born as Ultima Wordman and was the daughter of a cult leader, The Word. Ultima fell in love with Ralph. But his parents hired She-Hulk to rescue their son from the cult.

Ultima has gained superhuman speed and strength thanks to her years of training!

5. Frenzy

She-Hulk Villains

Joanna Cargill is not only a great villain but could also introduce X-Men in the MCU. She can give some real challenges to She-Hulk. Frenzy is a powerful mutant but was born into an abusive family situation. Her anger and fear had awakened her mutant powers. This led her to kill her father.

She spent many years as a mercenary and then joined a group of mutants and served Apocalypse (Alliance of Evil).

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