Jennifer Lopez is well-known and well-respected for her work. She has had a lot of relationships throughout the years, though, and is well known for them as well. She has also experienced many engagements, marriages, and divorces. There’s no doubt that the singer has ample relationship experience.

Jennifer Lopez has made an effort to depict herself as a celebrity who devotes a lot of time to those who are important to her. Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Seacrest had a very close friendship in 2019. So close that it even made her ex-fiance concerned about their interactions. Therefore, it is quite surprising that the singer somehow forgot to officially invite him to her 50th birthday party.

Jennifer Lopez and her 2019 birthday party

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

When celebrating her 50th year, the actress held one of the most extravagant birthday celebrations to date. The celebration was held at Gloria and Emilio Estefan’s Miami-area private residence on Star Island. It was sponsored by the clothing businesses PrettyLittleThing and Quay Australia. An impressive multitiered cake, gold and white decorations, a lively dance floor, and a star-studded guest list, including friends Ashanti and DJ Khaled, were all there. A stunning fireworks display lit up the sky towards the conclusion of the night.

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Who was invited to this lavish event?

Jennifer Lopez's 50th birthday party
Jennifer Lopez’s 50th birthday party

When it comes to who was present on the guest list for the actress’s 50th birthday party, her ex-fiancé Alex Rodriquez was obviously a name she did not think twice about. Their children from previous marriages, DJ Khaled, Ashanti, Fat Joe, fashion designer Michael Costello, Gloria Estefan, and Emilio Estefan were all invited to the celebration. Even with all of these big names on her birthday party’s guest list, the actress forgot one of her closest friends.

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Ryan Seacrest reveals he was personally invited

Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Seacrest
Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Seacrest

Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Seacrest were the closest of friends back in 2019. So much so that her then-fiance, Alex Rodriguez, was unhappy about their closeness. The singer and the TV personality would often meet for lunch dates and converse on the phone. Ryan Seacrest stated he traveled to Miami to celebrate but was turned away at the door.

“She invited me personally, can I see the list? Well, sure enough, there’s Ryan T, and Ryan Z, there’s no Ryan Seacrest” said the media personality. He had to wait and call up Jennifer Lopez to let the guard know that he is in fact invited. Just not on paper. The second-hand embarrassment is definitely strong in this case.

As everyone has had one of those moments where you have to confirm that you are indeed supposed to exist in that location for that time without looking extremely suspicious. Even if the actress was not attempting to humiliate her friend, Ryan Seacrest has carried that moment of embarrassment close to his chest ever since.

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