With the spree of immense success, Taylor Swift is on with The Eras Tour, there is a mighty new addition. The Cruel Summer singer has reportedly surpassed one of the biggest Marvel movies with her latest accomplishment.

After, what is arguably the most successful tour by any artist ever, Taylor Swift is now headed to rule theatres. For the fans who could not attend the concert, Swift has turned the enthralling experience of The Eras Tour into a film that Swifties can watch on the big screen.

This thoughtful gesture is on its way to becoming Swift’s most successful project. Are you ready for it?

Taylor Swift Beat Avengers: Endgame‘s Record

The Eras Tour Film Poster
The Eras Tour Film Poster

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Leaving Marvel fans gobsmacked, Taylor Swift‘s The Eras Tour Film has surpassed Avengers: Endgame in first-day ticket pre-sales in Mexico.

As per the Mexican news outlet, Paloma & Nacho, the exclusive pre-sale going on in Mexico has sold out tickets equivalent to almost five sold-out shows of the 65,000-capacity Foro Sol. Figures from Cinépolis +QUE CINE suggest that not only did the film surpass Avengers: Endgame but in only three days of pre-sale, it is more than halfway through breaking BTS: Permission to Dance Stage.

Moreover, cinema owners call out the odds to be highly in Swift’s favor where the film can cross the $100 million mark in the USA and Canada alone. Swift tieing up with AMC theatres the world’s largest cinema chain, for the film’s release, the future of the film seems bedazzling and bejeweled.

Avengers: Endgame
Avengers: Endgame

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Fans are Astonished with The Eras Tour Film Success

Taylor Swift Performing at The Eras Tour
Taylor Swift Performing at The Eras Tour

Even though concert-goers made sure to post everything they could on social media, fans are excited to see it from a bigger perspective and in high definition.

Moreover, the general reaction to The Eras Tour Film breaking the records that it did is astonishment. Swifties and Marvel fans alike are losing it over the news. Here are some of their reactions from X (formerly Twitter):

Marvel fans on the other hand are a bit bitter on the subject:

When all is said and done, Taylor Swift being phenomenal cannot be denied.

Taylor Swift Eras Tour
Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

With the raging success and rave reviews of the tour, the film is set to break the box office and Swifties could not be more thrilled. The Eras Tour Film will hit theatres on October 13, 2023. Tickets are on sale.

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Source: X and Paloma & Nacho 

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