Singer Grimes is known for being avant-garde when it comes to her art and music. She rose to fame for her indie music and her experimental sense of fashion. Through Twitter, she made an announcement back in August that she is considering getting surgery to have elf-like ears. She recently tweeted a picture of herself and fans are speculating that she might have gotten the procedure done. The singer, 34, got a plethora of reactions to her decision from her fans.

Grimes Got Surgery to Have ‘Elf Ears’?


After Grimes posted a picture of her face all bandaged up, Twitterati quickly made their assumptions. In August, the singer tweeted about the elf-ear surgical procedure and asked fans about their experiences with the surgery:

To which her ex Elon Musk replied,

“The downside of elf ear surgery probably outweighs the upside.”

The said procedure involves surgically sculpting the cartilage of a patient’s ear into the pointed shape that is widely associated with elves. Musk’s reply made Grimes jump back in with a clever response,

CRISPR is a form of biotech that can modify a human’s genetic code.

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Fans React to Grimes Getting Elf Ears


As soon as the Genesis singer tweeted a picture of her bandaged face, fans went into a frenzy and started commenting on the singer’s tweet.

Fans were quick in assuming that Grimes got the elf ear surgery done. The highly anticipated surgery was a huge moment for the singer. Fans showed their support for the singer with their replies. Fans wrote,

“I hope she got them, I would be so excited!”

On the other hand, some folks were poking fun at the singer’s appearance with the bandaids,

 “Turned into an egg?”

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Grimes Taking it Too Far With Elf Ears?


Singer Grimes is known for her eccentric and grotesque fashion choices. She has been criticized in a lot of ways but her fans stand by her side. Her music and performances have had some non-conventional design and fashion elements. Her getting the elf ear surgery wasn’t too surprising. Even though a lot of her fans convinced her to get the surgery, she was still skeptical because as a musician she couldn’t afford to damage her ears. After a lot of anticipation, it seems like Grimes has finally got the surgery and fans have mixed feelings about the surgery.

She tweeted about writing a song during plastic surgery and fans have been guessing what that surgery might be,

The singer’s fandom is expecting some new music too,

The anticipation from fans is building no matter what they feel about the surgery. Now it’s about time the world gets to see Grimes’ elf ears.

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