Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s romance is seemingly going through a rough patch after the recent rumors of their separation came out. After being apart for almost 18 years, the couple got together once again to marry, not once but twice. The first wedding was in Las Vegas in July 2022, and the second wedding was in Georgia in August of the same year.

It was the hardest breakup for Lopez, and the actor-singer has earlier talked about how media pressure influenced them to break up in the first place and put her in a spiral for the next 18 years where she failed to make the right decisions.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in Gigli
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in Gigli | Credits: Columbia Pictures

However, like in a romantic movie, they got together after many years. However, as the honeymoon phase of the couple comes to an end, signs of distress start to emerge, seemingly causing disruptions in their reunion.

Ben Affleck’s Ex-Wife Jennifer Garner Comes to Help

Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner | Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Sean Reynolds

In a rather unexpected development, Affleck’s first wife, Jennifer Garner, has reportedly offered to stand by her former spouse and help him gain back his failing marriage to Lopez. Garner has been going out of her way to help Affleck work on the relationship, and as far as she’s concerned, she would be glad to see him happy.

According to Us Weekly, a source said that,

Jennifer Garner is encouraging Ben to work on his marriage to Jen. She fully supports their relationship and wants nothing more than for him to be happy.

According to a report from Daily Mail, Lopez and Garner have contacted each other and have been working to sort things out. The source revealed that Garner has said that their divorce could be the reason for the downfall of Affleck because of his alcohol addiction. The source said,

The biggest fear right now is that he will start drinking again, and part of the reason Jen has been keeping tabs on him is to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Jennifer Garner had been married to Ben Affleck for 13 years, and she was the one who helped Affleck get into rehab for his alcohol addiction. Her involvement in his newly married life might seem unusual, but her concerns are deeply rooted in her ex-husband’s health, with whom she shares three children.

What Triggered the Breakup Rumors of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in Gigli
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in Gigli | Credits: Columbia Pictures

Though Affleck and Lopez’s marital problems are still speculative, different sources have provided information about the couple’s strained relationship. From living in different homes to missing grand events, their behaviors have triggered rumors about a possible divorce.

According to People, the couple is not staying together at their Los Angeles home. Affleck has been staying in a different home while shooting for his upcoming film. Jennifer Lopez was also seen without Affleck during the 2024 Met Gala event. According to Entertainment Tonight, a source said that the couple is going through a tough phase as they are too busy with their work and children. The source said,

They’re not always on the same page. They both have so much going on between taking care of their families and their work commitments and it can be a lot for them.

According to the recent photos taken by TMZ, Affleck was seen without his wedding ring, which further fueled the rumors. Moreover, according to People, relationship coach Lenna Marsak shared on her Instagram stories that Lopez has liked one of her posts that talks about the negative qualities of a life partner. Marsak later also asked her followers to be kind to the couple.

As the question remains whether Affleck and Lopez will stay together or go their separate ways as they have done before, the help of an unlikely friend in Jennifer Garner may help them survive the tough phase.

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