WNBA player, Brittney Griner was recently arrested in Russia for the possession of HTV oil or cannabis oil. The incident has created a wave of headlines among media as President Joe Biden and Justin Beiber get involved in bringing back the WNBA star to the US, safe and sound. Even though there has been a major supply of support for Brittney Griner, there are still those that make light of the situation, such as Tomi Lahren. The American conservative political commentator recently tweeted about the situation in an extremely insensitive manner on her official page.

Tomi Lahren tweets about Brittney Griner’s arrest in Russia

Tomi Lahren
Tomi Lahren

The popular American conservative political commentator, Tomi Lahren, recently tweeted about the star WNBA player, Brittney Griner. The tweet states as follows: “On the bright side, B Griner won’t have to endure our National Anthem for 9 whole years! What a win for her!”

Brittney Griner, who admitted to possessing drugs in July, was sentenced to nine years in prison after making a moving court appearance. When she first entered the country in February of this year, airport officials held her after discovering an electronic vape pen with less than one gram of cannabis oil.

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The arrest builds tension between the two countries

Brittney Griner
US WNBA basketball superstar Brittney Griner arrives at a hearing at the Khimki Court

President Joe Biden openly demanded her immediate release in a statement shortly after Russian officials announced their decision to jail her. The WNBA league disagreed with the court’s decision as well because it was perceived as being overly harsh.

Even a pessimist of any country knows that Tomi Lahren is just attempting to garner as many spotlights as she can with these offensive tweets towards the US. As soon as Tomi Lahren learned of Brittney Griner’s sentence, she tweeted that it was a “cautionary story” and that if Brittney Griner believed the United States was “oppressive” she was now discovering what “No justice looks like.”

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What does Twitter have to say about Tomi Lahren and her tweet?

Brittney Griner
Brittney Griner

Twitter was quick to dismiss the commentator seeing how insensitive and anti-nationalist Tomi Lahren was within the tweet. Responses flying off the tweet show us that a lot of Twitter users have grown to either hate or feign ignorance towards the American conservator. The insensitivity displayed clearly does not deserve any applause in the first place considering the major consequences for both countries if they deal with the wrong hand.

The Brittney Griner case is still pending because it has turned into a political dispute between two of the most powerful nations in the world. While the US has legalized cannabis in many states, Russia has strengthened its laws against people who use cannabis or any other psychoactive substance. Clearly, the tensions are high and concerns are present, and celebrities such as Tomi Lahren prove that they have nothing to add to make things better.

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