If you are a Potterhead and you miss the Harry Potter movies, these shows on Netflix might help you vanquish the Magical Blues. Gives these a try. They won’t disappoint.

The Order

The Order is a Netflix original that is based on the same elements as Harry Potter. There’s a seemingly innocent but talented student caught in the crossfire between opposing factions. There’s a larger conspiracy at play. There are secret societies and cults. In The Order, every magical enchantment and ritual comes with a price. Jack Morton is a gifted student who wins a scholarship into the prestigious Belgrave University. His purpose for getting into the institution is to become a part of The Hermetic Order of The Blue Rose, a secret society of dark magic practitioners. He intends to uncover the secret behind his mother’s death. There are werewolves, rogue magicians, and even a little bit of enchanted romance.


Ragnarok is another Netflix Original that focuses on the lost mythology of the Norsemen. Based on the myth of the Norse end of days from Viking lore, Ragnarok takes us to the 21st Century. A small Norwegian town in the heart of permafrost is experiencing warm winters. The reason – the mythical giants from the stories are real and they escaped their doom. They are now enacting an elaborate plan to bring down Midgard aka earth in revenge. Only descendants of the Norse Pantheon of Gods can stop them. Ragnarok is similar to Harry Potter since there’s magic as well as powerful bloodlines and family feud involved.


Clary Fray, just like Harry Potter, is an ordinary human being living an average life. She is looked down upon and not held in high regard by her peers. Little does she know that their is a great destiny that has been thrust upon her. She is actually the daughter of an Angel. Half-Angel Half-Human hybrids called Shadowhunters have been hunting demons since time immemorial. And Clary is one of them. On the way she makes a close circle of friends that help her fight the ultimate evil – vampires, werewolves, and other demonic creatures. Moreover the show is actually based on the bestselling series of novels written by Cassandra Clare. If live action adaptations of books fancies you, you would definitely like Shadowhunters.

Hemlock Grove

Well Harry Potter did have its moments of jump scares. The Dementors and the Were-wolf scene in Prisoner of Azkaban sure were terrifying. Hemlock Grove, a Netflix Original Series, reminds us of the darker, more potent and horrifying part of magic and the supernatural. Taking place in a fictional town in Pennsylvania, the show reveals the town is full of weird and dangerous creatures and even creepier residents. When a series of murders rock the town, dark secrets regarding the place and the people are revealed that shakes the viewers to the very core.


Harry Potter has a lot of legends and folktales which form the basis of the entire seven part storyline. Cursed is a fresh take on the classic Arthurian Legend of the Sword in the Stone. Katherine Langford of 13 Reasons Why fame plays Nimueh, a young sorceress who takes up a perilous quest to save her people. Joining on her quest is talented assassin and warrior Arthur. The show garnered mixed reviews from critics and fans alike. It still has a lot of magic and fantasy in its themes. An actor of particular interest might be Devon Terrell, who plays King Arthur in the show. He absolutely nails the character from the beginning to the end.

The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina is like a spooky, teenage magical romance brought to life. Sabrina is a talented witch hailing from a powerful coven of her kind. The other witches of her coven want her to embrace her witch side and let go of her mortality. In doing so, she will become all-powerful but also lose all ties to her friends and family. Sabrina does not want that. The show is an emotional roller coaster. There’s tons of ups and downs and major twists. A lot of people die. The show handles deaths surprisingly well. Harry Potter fans would definitely want to check this series out. It’s a Netflix Original.

The Shannara Chronicles

The Shannara Chronicles is the show you are looking for if you are a hardcore fan of high fantasy. It has elves, orcs, humans, magicians, sorcerers, druids, and much more. A devastating war led to mankind’s collapse. The world is now dominated by the Elves with other magical creatures living in tandem. An Elven Princess and a Half-Elf embark on a journey to restore the order of the world. They need to prevent the rise of a legendary demonic army that intends to destroy the universe.


Bitten is a Canadian television series. Elena Michaels is an outcast. She is also the last of her kind. Elena is a female werewolf. She was bitten by a mysterious foe and now longs to outrun the world of the paranormal and the supernatural. She leaves her pack and begins life anew as a Photographer in a new city. Bodies suddenly start appearing in her pack’s backyard and she is pulled into a larger conspiracy involving her ancestral domain – Stonehaven. Bitten is based on the Times Best selling Novel Series – Women Of The Otherworld.

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