Ex-President Donald Trump has been surrounded by controversies even before he won the US presidential elections in 2016. Even after being succeeded by the current US president Joe Biden, the politician is still making headlines with his public appearances and outrageous speech.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

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The internet and the entire Hollywood are divided when it comes to rooting for Donald Trump. Recently, the High Ball Stepper singer Jack White criticized high-profile A-Listers from Hollywood. According to the rock star, any celebrity who supports Donald Trump is disgusting in his books. Celebrities like Mark Wahlberg and Joe Rogan were present at the event to show support for the former politician.

Rock Star Jack White Criticized Hollywood Celebrities For Supporting Donald Trump

Recently, Don’t Hurt Yourself singer Jack White slammed celebrities from tinsel town for showing support for ex-president Donald Trump. Reputed actors like Mark Wahlberg, Mel Gibson, and Guy Fieri along with the famous podcast host Joe Rogan were present at the UFC 290 event in Las Vegas. They were photographed interacting with the ex-president at the event. The rock star shared the pictures on social media and blasted the celebrities. He posted it on Instagram and captioned it as-

“Anybody who ‘normalizes’ or treats this disgusting fascist, racist, con man, disgusting piece of shit Trump with any level of respect is ALSO disgusting in my book. That’s you Joe Rogan, you Mel Gibson, you Mark Wahlberg, you Guy Fieri. This is a statement from me, not a discussion/debate. -Jack White III”

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Jack White’s Instagram Post criticizing Donald Trump supporters

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After Tesla head, Elon Musk reinstated the Twitter account of Donald Trump. Jack White called out the billionaire business tycoon for his act and even said-

“So you gave Trump his Twitter platform back. Absolutely disgusting, Elon. That is officially an a***ole move. Why don’t you be truthful? Tell it like it is. People like you and Joe Rogan (who gives platforms to liars like Alex Jones etc.)”

Jack White on Normalizing Trump
Rock Star Jack White

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He further continued-

“You come into a ton of money, see the tax bill, despise paying your fair share, and then think moving to Texas and supporting whatever Republican you can is going to help you keep more of your money (How else could Trump possibly interest you?).”

This is not the first time Hollywood celebrities have shown interest in the former President. Mark Wahlberg even played golf alongside the politician.

Robert De Niro Takes a Dig at Ex-President

Robert De Niro made headlines after coming back with his upcoming movie Killers of the Flower Moon. The movie premiered during the 2023 Cannes Film Festival in May. During the press conference, the legendary actor took a dig at the former U.S. president Donald Trump. The actor went on to criticize and ended up calling him a stupid man.

While talking about Donald Trump, the Taxi Driver actor said-

“It’s the banality of evil. It’s the thing we have to watch out for. We see it today, of course. We all know who I’m going to talk about. But I’m not going to say the name. That guy is stupid. Imagine if you’re smart. Even Hale was smart in many ways. There are people who still think he can do a good job. Imagine how insane that is.”

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Robert De Niro

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Robert De Niro was in the spotlight recently, after the veteran actor went on to become a dad at the age of 79. The Godfather star and his girlfriend Tiffany Chen welcomed their baby girl Gia Virginia Chen De Niro on May 11, 2023.

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