Suddenly, Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram posts went missing, and her profile picture changed to black, leaving many of her fans puzzled about what had happened. Of course, such a happening is questioned by her fans, who she has surprised by doing this. The rest of her social media handles are as it is. Some people believe that it is due to a project which Lopez will announce soon. 

She has recently done the same with all her social media accounts. Her Tiktok and Facebook, too, have the black cover photo, and now as her Instagram is not showing any posts, though her Facebook still has the posts. According to a number of her followers, her websites do not display any new updates of her either.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez deleted all of her social media posts.

Is Jennifer Lopez working on her new project?

Many people commented on Jennifer Lopez’s Facebook when her posts were live there. For example, a person who follows her there commented: “What’s happened? Hope you and your wonderful family are okay. I’ll pray for your health and safety.” recently, the last post, that the singer-actress had posted was her video with his husband, Ben Affleck. They both were seen cuddling and hugging in it.

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
Jennifer Lopez with her husband Ben Affleck

Fans got excited that Lopez will be back with her new song now. Tweets and posts by Lopez’s fans are flooded on Twitter. Fans believe that Lopez is ready for her comeback. Regarding the same, a fan tweeted:

It brings faith to her fans that Lopez is doing something new now, as she never disappoints them. Fans are even remembering that it is the 20th anniversary of Lopez’s third album. However, it remains a mystery why the Ain’t Your Mama singer is blacking out her social handles. 

Many more tweets are trending around regarding her posts which she deleted.

Fans are worried if everything with Lopez is okay, regarding which one tweet is:

Jennifer Lopez is all set to appear on Netflix

In 2021, Lopez signed a project with Netflix to support female actors and directors. Also, fans believe such happenings are all due to a new project she will introduce. Lopez signed a project with Nuyorican Productions. They are all set to bring something new with their project. A deal between Netflix and Nuyorican Productions is set to get content related to TV series, films, and many more.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez is upcoming with her new projects.

Therefore, Lopez is all trending on Twitter after this. However, it is worth waiting for her new project to drop off. Jennifer Lopez is a great American singer who has made number-one albums. She is also known as JLo.

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Source: Twitter

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