As Venom is slowly inching closer to its release, it looks like Sony is going to move forward with its Spider-Man less universe. According to Collider, the studio has recently hired a screenwriter for a movie on Kraven The Hunter. Yes, Sony has recently approached Equalizer 2 screenwriter Richard Wenk to pen the Spider-Man spin-off.


The news of Sony exploring more into movies on Spider-Man villains like Mysterio and Kraven The Hunter has been around the corner for a long time now. Venom is already set to hit the theaters in October while another film named Silver & Black is also in its production phase. If we go by the reported news, Sony does really determined to make a movie on Kraven The Hunter. The chances of a Mysterio origin film, however seem negligible, now that the character is the speculated villain of Spider-Man: Far from home, which is co-produced by Marvel. This means that we won’t see his solo adventure with Sony anymore.


Most Spider-Man fans have waited eagerly to see the live action version of Kraven The Hunter on big screen and being a well-known villain, his rights are with Sony. However, the much debated deal between Sony and Marvel would decide the character’s future as to whether he would get his own solo film or appear as a villain in a Spidey film.


We might even see Kraven in Black Panther as its director Ryan Coogler once expressed his keen interest in using Kraven in his movies.

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