Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, a famous Hollywood couple, were adored by fans for their seemingly happy marriage. But their recent divorce announcement left many fans heartbroken. The couple got divorced after four years of marriage. The news of this once-beloved Hollywood pair going their separate ways has left fans in shock. Surprisingly, Sophie Turner, known for her role in X-Men, was seen spending time with Joe Jonas’ ex-girlfriend.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

Taylor Swift and actress Sophie Turner were spotted together

Following a night out in New York City, Sophie Turner and Taylor Swift’s surprising friendship caused a social media uproar. This outing came shortly after Turner’s divorce from husband Joe Jonas, whom Swift had previously dated. However, sources close to the situation have made it clear that their night together was all about their friendship and had nothing to do with Joe Jonas.

A source claims that Turner and Swift had been close friends for a while, and their night out was evidence of this. They exchanged friendly greetings and hugs at Via Carota to start their evening before going to the nearby nightclub Temple Bar, where they spent a couple of hours. Both celebrities were reportedly laughing, interacting with the staff, and enjoying martinis, according to bystanders.

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Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner
Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner and Taylor Swift have always respected and appreciated one another despite their prior relationships with Joe Jonas. The insider pointed out that there were no problems between them despite their common past with the member of the Jonas Brothers band. According to the source who spoke with Entertainment Tonight, “Sophie doesn’t care that Taylor dated Joe. It was so long ago and in the past.” Overall, the two enjoyed their girls’ night out. Divorces are no laughing matter and always leave their mark on a person. It was therefore reassuring to see Turner enjoying a nice time with the adored pop diva.

Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas remained respectful of one another even after their breakup

Despite their brief and somewhat difficult relationship in 2008, Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas have been able to stay friends over the years. While Swift was on tour with the Jonas Brothers in the summer of 2008, they began a quiet relationship. Swift revealed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that Jonas had broken their relationship in a single 25-second phone call, which had broken her heart.

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Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas
Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas

Both artists wrote insightful breakup songs in the immediate aftermath of their breakup, but they grew closer and became friends over time. They showed mutual appreciation for each other’s musical careers by standing beside each other throughout award ceremonies.  And now that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have parted ways, it appears that Swift and Turner have developed an unexpected friendship.

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Source: Entertainment Tonight and The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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