Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse exposed a reality that Peter Parker is not the only Spider-Man in the Marvel Universe. The majority of the iterations on-screen features Peter as the only Spider-Man. But apparently, the Marvel comic world has countless universes where multiple iterations of our web-slinging hero exist.

Each of these characters is Spider-Man but not Peter Parker. Their unique personas differ from the original. But their Spider powers remain intact. This is what sets them apart from each other. Well, there is one thing that seems common amongst them. With that being said, between the alternative realities, clones, and other imposters, every Spider-Man has one thing in common; the Spider-Man suit. Here’s every Marvel character who has donned the suit other than Peter Parker –

Miles Morales Debuted In Ultimate Fallout #4

Miles Morales first appeared in Ultimate Comics: Fallout #4. Before his superhuman mutation, he was just a regular kid that felt conflicted about taking on the responsibilities of his late uncle’s life as Spider-Man when he could’ve done something to save him. This led Miles to feel guilty for accepting the role of hero, even though it meant turning against his father. After witnessing Parker’s death during an interdimensional adventure with the Green Goblin, Miles realized his potential and accepted Spider-Man’s identity in honor of Peter. He then became determined to do whatever was necessary to safeguard the world from super-powered criminals instead of quitting due to guilt, especially if those villains were capable of convincing a poor and unfortunate soul into becoming their proxy.

Miles Morales in Ultimate Fallout #4

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Gwen Stacy Debuted In The Amazing Spider-Man #31

Gwen Stacy, also referred to as Spider-Gwen (debuted in The Amazing-Spider-Man #31), also managed to become the web-slinging superhero. It is, in short, an alternate version of Miles Morales’ Spider-Man origin story. Instead of the character being bitten by a radioactive spider and becoming a costumed crime-fighter named Spider-Man all while trying to balance high school and personal troubles with relationships, it’s actually Gwen Stacy who becomes Spider-Woman after her father is killed during a fight with the Green Goblin. Gwen later joins The Mary Janes as a result of which she gets forced to fight Peter Parker of that universe.

Spider-Gwen in The Amazing Spider-Man #31

Kraven The Hunter Debuted In The Amazing Spider-Man #15

Only a few hunters can top the reputation of Sergei Kravinoff. He has spent years mastering the abilities that go into successfully tracking and killing animals of all sorts.  He also bagged much powerful prey throughout his career. Similar to how he skillfully tracks animals, Sergei decides to become one with nature as well – by hunting down Spider-Man to prove that he is superior to even one of New York City’s strongest protectors. After taking down Spider-Man, he relinquishes the role of the web-slinging superhero to pursue his interest in exotic animals. However, while most of these parts get covered up later in Kraven’s Last Hunt, he pretty much managed to slay in the Spidey suit.

Kraven as the Spider-Man

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Spider-Girl (Mayday Parker) Debuted In What If #105

In the year 2043, 46-year-old Peter Parker finally retires as Spider-Man after losing his leg in his final battle against Norman Osborn. Raised by a loving family, May “Mayday” Parker begins to exhibit her father’s abilities during adolescence. When Harry Osborn’s son threatens her family, she dons Ben Reilly’s old Spider-Man costume and takes on a new alter ego to save the day. As a result, Spider-Girl manages to position herself as one of the most valuable members of the superhero community in that universe. It helps foster her relationship with teams like Fantastic Four and the Avengers.

Spider-Girl in What If #105

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Deadpool In Deadpool Vol. 1 #11

Spiderman and Deadpool are two of the most recognizable characters in the Marvel Universe. They are usually seen interacting with each other at one point or another since they first met. They also tends to share similar traits – namely their sense of humor, which is downright silly at times. That being said, Web-Head can’t stand Deadpool’s tendency to be a bit murderous at times though; a fact that he tends to rub Wade Wilson’s face in eventually which makes for some humorous exchanges. On top of this, there is an uncanny resemblance between their costumes that is pretty hard not to notice (especially for Wade Wilson). This idea actually gets fleshed out even further when he ends up switching their costumes around.

Deadpool in Deadpool Vol. 1 #11

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