Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is going to be a super-crazy ride into the multiverse. The official trailer of the film confirmed that the titular character will travel across alternate realities to confront a mysterious adversary. This has led fans to speculate about which characters from other universes might join the franchise. The introduction of Defender Strange, who could come from Sam Raimi’s own Spider-Man universe, maybe what lead to a possible connection to Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, led by Tobey Maguire.

Doctor Strange 2
The variants of Doctor Strange in Doctor Strange 2

Release Date: May 6, 2022

Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Rachel McAdams, Michael Stuhlbarg, Benedict Wong, Elizabeth Olsen, and others.

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With that being said, here’s a theory about Doctor Strange 2, which suggests that Defender Strange is actually from Raimi’s Spider-Man

Doctor Strange: The Variants

It’s been made very clear that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will feature multiverse variants of Benedict Cumberbatch as the main Sorcerer Supreme. At this stage, we know that there are two possible variants confirmed, including Sinister Strange—the MCU’s evil version—and a second variant only known as Defender Strange, who appears to be the MCU’s homage to Dr. Strange’s time as a member of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in the comics—The Defenders. Some theories also suggest there could be a Zombie Strange but so far we’ve only got glimpses in the trailer to go by for now.

Doctor Strange 2
The variants of Doctor Strange in Doctor Strange 2

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It is clear that the sequel will explore the concept of other dimensions and universes beyond the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). That is why fans have speculated which variants might make an appearance from different realities. Defender Strange may be coming to replace Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange first appearing as a guest star. If this is true then a chance for viewers to see the terrifying other reality containing non-Cumberbatch Defenders should also be given.

Doctor Strange Was There In Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2

Doctor Strange 2
Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2

Marvel’s film division has only introduced the Sorcerer Supreme to moviegoers in 2016. But Doctor Strange did appear in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man universe regardless. This came during Spider-Man 2 back in 2004. J. Jonah Jameson could be seen discussing potential names for Otto Octavious with other employees of The Daily Bugle, one of which was Doctor Strange. This was likely simply an Easter egg to tie into some part of Marvel’s wider library. But it could be considered as a sign that what we saw on screen also took place within Raimi’s own interpretation of the MCU.

Defender Strange: Spider-Man’s Sorcerer Version

Well, Raimi is involved in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. This could be a perfect time to introduce Spider-Man’s sorcerer version. It’s not surprising that Marvel might use this opportunity to revive one of Peter Parker’s alternate personas. But will audiences accept another take so soon? Behind the scenes, there is actually quite a lot of marketing synergy when it comes to Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. So it wouldn’t be too hard to identify where they have clashed before. We’re probably thinking too much here, but it wouldn’t really surprise us if Marvel tried something like this.

Doctor Strange 2
Defender Strange

There is, however, one evident difference between Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and the Raimi films. While Holland’s Amazing Spider-Man confirms superheroes like Captain America and Thor exist in the same universe, Maguire’s Spidey points out that these Avengers do not exist in his reality. This change in canon suggests Raimi’s Spider-Man was represented in a different timeline than our world throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far. However, this could mean something else entirely when it comes to Doctor Strange 2.

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The Theory

It is Sam Raimi’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Thus, rumors are echoing that Maguire’s version of Spider-Man will step-in in the sequel. In fact, after his brief appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Tobey Maguire would be more than happy to return as Spider-Man. Moreover, he and his producers have a great story lined up which could use Spider-Man’s presence without either feeling forced or taking away attention from Benedict Cumberbatch’s Stephen Strange.

Doctor Strange 2
Spider-Man and Doctor Strange

If Defender Strange originates from Maguire’s Spider-Man universe, then he would be able to easily find the gateway to bring him into alternative dimensions in which other forces try to control them. Defender Strange will provide this access for extra help against evil threats. He can also use his allies as a way of getting into other dimensions quickly. If Spidey is already battling enemies in another dimension while Doctor Strange is fighting for his life in another one, it makes sense that other universes like this must have access to each one – and locations within those settings where two superheroes can find each other.

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