If there is one thing that comic fans agree , is the way how accurately Tom Holland has portrayed Spider-Man ; being loveable and awkward . Seeing that how hilarious Spidey is , memes just keep coming to the fans without even searching for it. Comic Fans know that Spider-Man has delivered some really funny lines in the comics but not all of them have been got in the MCU films.
Spidey is seen making some questionable choices.
Here are some memes to take you through all his personality at once !



8.Spider-Man’s Friendship With Hulk !



spiderman and the hulk entry four.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=737&h=368&dpr=1

When Spider-Man first encountered Hulk in the comics , they fought each other. Spidey did beat Hulk , but not the way you are thinking. He told Hulk a joke ; precisely a knock- knock joke.
The amusing part is that Spider- Man did not even get a chance to complete his joke as Bruce Banner aka Hulk was so taken back by the fact that Spidey is trying to beat him by telling him jokes that he bursts out laughing. As a result, Hulk calms down and turns into Bruce Banner and  ends up in his defeat.


7.  That Was Too Fast !



spiderman saves phone case but not gwen entry two.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=737&h=368&dpr=1

One of the heart breaking instances in Spider-Man’s life was losing his best friend and his girlfriend ; Gwen Stacy. The Amazing Spider –Man 2 movie which has Andrew Gardfield as the lead cast for Spidey, had the movie based on the same.
Now in the Marvel Comic books , many characters who have died did come back to life either through some resurrection or retcon. However , that has not been the case for Gwen , she has been dead  since the comic came out in 1970s.
Maybe it is fine about making a joke about it now.


6. He Is Just A Child !


spiderman steals from moon knight entry
Comic fans certainly recognize Moon Knight and for those who do not him , he many times called the Marvel’s snip off on Batman . Just like Batman , Moon Knight too is violent and sharp eyed. Spider-Man is holding his crescents which are similar to Batman’s Batarangs. Moon Knight is soon to be seen on Disney Plus.
This panel certainly shows that even though he fights crimes, he is still a kid !


5. Umm Awkard !


spiderman spidey sense and instincts entry five.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=737&h=368&dpr=1

Well we know how Peter Parker’s “spidey sense” work and even make him aware of danger so he can react before the danger arrives. However, he still ends up making funny choices while following instincts.
This panel was adapted in Avengers :Infinity War when Tom Holland was sporting the spidey – sense. Well , it doesn’t always work but considering Peter as an high IQ level , we expect him to come up with better ideas than awkwardly throwing bags out of windows.


4. Daredevil & Spider-Man !


spiderman and daredevil entry seven.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=737&h=368&dpr=1

There are fan theories that Matt Murdock aka Daredevil could be making an appearance in Spider-Man 3 : No Way Home to defend Peter Parker as his lawyer after Mysterio revealed his identity to the world. Spider-Man and Daredevil are best fans in the comics so it would be a treat for fans to witness on the big screen.


3. Fascinating Threats !


spiderman and moon threat entry eigth.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=737&h=368&dpr=1
We all know that Spider – Man is not really mature , so when he ends up getting irritated with the pranks and antics of the villains , he ends up giving them a weird threats in his frustration. He ends up telling them he will send them to the moon and he will see his “spider-butt”.


2. Burn !


spiderman and deadpool roasting villain entry nine.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=737&h=368&dpr=1
Dead pool might end up being a bad influence on Spider-Man.
In this particular comic panel, they are roasting the villain and even when the villain wants them to look at him , they are too busy to pay attention. The comment makes it really hilarious.



1. Act Cool!



spiderman meets captain america entry one.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=737&h=368&dpr=1
This panel was very well adapted in the Civil War Movie by the MCU. Spider- Man despite being a hero himself, often ends up getting star stuck by the Avengers. The first time he met Captain America , he could not even introduce himself properly.
Well we do not really blame him , he is a kid and meeting the Captain America can be intimidating even for the grownups.

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