A lot of time has passed since the news that the Spider-Man deal between Marvel Studios has broken down. But now the question stands as- what can the separate studios do with the web slinger? Lets find out:

What Marvel Studios Can Do About Spider-Man

Marvel can do some neat things with Spider-Man's world in the MCU itself. Pic courtesy: insidethemagic.net
Marvel can do some neat things with Spider-Man’s world in the MCU itself. Pic courtesy: insidethemagic.net

The end of the Spider-Man deal is a huge disaster for the MCU. This means that Marvel Studios won’t be able to mention Spider-Man or any characters primarily associated with him in their franchise. In fact, they also won’t be able to use many characters who were simply introduced in a Spider-Man comicbook. This just excludes the superheroes who became a notable brand on their own like Punisher or Cloak and Dagger. So those rumours of Norman Osborn being introduced can be safely chucked out.

What Marvel can do is that they can safely use storylines which Spider-Man appeared in, although he can’t be part of them. So his time as a member of the Fantastic Four or some of his New Avengers arc can be adapted. The contract is unclear about whether they can adapt a plot which is taken straight from a Spider-Man comic. But the wall crawler could be substituted for another street level hero like Moon Knight or so.

But there are some characters which both the studios can use like Kingpin and Jessica Drew. Marvel can use Jessica drew as a private spy but they can’t give her the Spider-Woman moniker.

What Sony can Do With Spider-Man

There's a lot which Sony can do with Spider-Man and his universe. Pic courtesy: screengeek.com
There’s a lot which Sony can do with Spider-Man and his universe. Pic courtesy: screengeek.com

Sony now has exclusive cinematic rights to Spider-Man. As such, they can use Peter Parker and all existing and future versions of him. But there are certain spider characters which are exempted when they are tied to non-spidey stories. A good example of it would be Ashley Barton’s Spider-Girl who exists in the dystopian “Old Man Logan” timeline. Another one would be Cosmic Spider-Man who became Captain Universe.

Sony also has exclusive rights to all of Spider-Man’s supporting characters. This includes the various heroes and villains who have been introduced in his books. The contract also goes on to detail specific locations and organizations like the Daily Bugle, the F.E.A.S.T. homeless center and Daily Globe to be Sony properties.

But there are certain limitations which Sony does have as well. They can’t reference the MCU characters which Spider-Man has come across. They can’t explicitly refer to characters like Thanos, Iron Man, SHIELD, Maria Hill, Nick Fury and such. While this can cause problems if Sony wants to continue the narrative from Spider-Man: Far from Home, but it shouldn’t be too much trouble.

To understand Spider-Man ownership rights better, click on the video below:

(Source: screenrant.com and variety.com)

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