Even the most avid fans can’t help but keep a close eye on every detail in the enormous Star Wars world, where lightsabers duel and galaxies emerge. It is a field that has generated an astounding $10.3 billion in income while captivating audiences for decades. Fans when curious to watch the new Star Wars series and find mistakes create a buzz in the entire industry.

Disney+ Ashoka

And, as the franchise spreads across other mediums, a recent episode of the program Ahsoka has prompted a committed fan to take action. Fans who have a keen eye and a heartfelt affection for the legend have discovered a mistake that has sparked a passionate debate about this Disney+ series.

Star Wars Enthusiast’s Critique of Ahsoka Blunder in the $10.3 Billion Franchise

disney+ Ashoka

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Devoted followers of the Star Wars saga have keenly observed a surprising slip-up that managed to find its way into the ultimate version of Lucasfilm and Disney’s most recent streaming sensation, Ahsoka. In an earnest venture to honor the legacy of the franchise set in the distant cosmic expanse, Rosario Dawson‘s much-anticipated solo escapade embarked on its journey with a textual narrative, a classic signature that harks back to the series’ predecessors but On his X (formerly Twitter) account, Rolling Stone Senior Writer Brian Hiatt posted a grammatical blunder from the opening crawl of the Star Wars Ahsoka series. Here’s his X post:

This specific occurrence is unusual because it highlights an opening that was last seen in the Skywalker Saga, which culminated in Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. The eagle-eyed fans have noticed a little problem in this cinematic tribute, despite the fact that it attempts to mimic the saga’s essence. Additionally, Hiatt noted a mismatch between the terms “that” and “which,” with the line reading “learned of a secret map which is vital to the enemy’s plan.” Technically, “that” should be used in place of the word “that” and this is not the first time that Star Wars has allowed an error of this nature to occur.

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When The Mandalorian Mistake Became a Funny Reaction

Jeans Guy
The Jeans Guy can be seen in the left corner

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In an episode from The Mandalorian titled The Siege, directed by Carl Weathers, the storyline took an exciting turn. This episode marked Moff Gideon’s in-person debut for Season 2 as he pursued Baby Yoda. While the episode made a notable connection to the sequel trilogy by introducing a character akin to Snoke, a different highlight emerged. An accidental appearance by an unnamed crew member, playfully dubbed “Jeans Guy,” became a topic of humor and conversation despite being a short-lived mistake.

Although Lucasfilm corrected the error, Jeans Guy’s inadvertent cameo remains a memorable example of oversight during editing. Such slip-ups remind viewers to watch out for similar blunders and encourage the production team to be more attentive in the future to maintain the series’ quality. After this humorous blunder came the recent Ahsoka mistakes and who knows fans might point to more mistakes ahead in the series.

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