One of the greatest actors and comedians of all time is Kevin Hart. He started out making people laugh with stand-up comedy. But later, he moved on to star in Hollywood films and TV shows. He is famous for the chat show Hart to Heart. But recently, a significant event occurred. Hart and Stevan Ridley, a former NFL standout, engaged in a friendly foot race. Hart got confined into a wheelchair due to a nasty injury he had because of the marathon. At that point, his co-star in the Netflix film Me Time, Mark Wahlberg, who is a friend of his, called him and offered him a bit of sound advice.

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart

After his injury, Kevin Hart gave his followers a warning

The famous actor Kevin Hart, known for roles in films like Jumanji, was going through a difficult moment. Hart through his Instagram let his fans know how and why he was confined to a wheelchair. He addressed his health in the same Instagram video for his followers, telling them against engaging in “young stuff.”

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Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart

Hart stated humorously that it was the dumbest thing ever that had happened to him. He admitted to racing the former NFL star, Stevan Ridley. And that is exactly when he hurt himself.  The race did not end well. But Hart made light of the situation to keep his fans entertained. He further expressed guilt for his actions. But his fans were hoping for a rapid recovery for him and were grateful for his ability to remain funny despite challenges.

Kevin Hart received some useful advice from his buddy Mark Wahlberg

Kevin Hart’s friendly race with his buddy, Stevan Ridley, turned into something really painful. Instead of just losing the race, he was forced to use a wheelchair after suffering serious abdominal injuries. Hart’s Instagram post attracted a lot of attention from friends and followers. It also received a funny remark from Dwayne “The Rock,” who recounted his own wrestling injury experience and said that Hart would soon recover.

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Mark Wahlberg

Hart’s co-star of the 2022 Netflix film Me Time, Mark Wahlberg, also got in touch to provide some wise words. Wahlberg disclosed that he contacted Hart as soon as he heard about his accident while promoting his tequila company, Flecha Azul. Wahlberg mentioned what he said to Hart in the interview with ET Canada I called Kevin, I told him, ‘Stay in your lane.’ You know, he’s lying at home, he’s on the couch. His daughter just went to college, my daughter’s second year in college.” He further advised Hart not to overwork his body and do anything silly in his forties.

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Source: ET Canada


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