As laid-back Kevin Hart seems, his backstage requirements for tour riders are very specific. It has led people to believe it’s good to be Kevin Hart. Taking his achievements into consideration, the multi-million-dollar man Hart loves to live largely, even when he remains backstage during the comedy tours. A lot of specifics about which has been recently made available.

Despite struggling in his early days, the comedian has been quite persistent. He surely worked on his onscreen portfolio while continuing to do stand-up comedy. Eventually, he gained recognition for the stand-up show Laugh at My Pain

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart

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Kevin Hart & His Non-Substitutable Requirements

The Smoking Gun recently published a copy of what’s believed to be the tour rider for Hart’s Reality Check tour listing many requirements for the comedian and the crew. The list includes furniture, a catering room, appliances, food for the dressing room, a tour management office, a private room for Hart, and Plastic Cup Boyz Room.

Kevin Hart doing stand-up comedy
Kevin Hart doing stand-up comedy

Some specific items on the list include refrigerators, at least 55 inches television, Red Bull drinks, a Keurig coffee machine, Gran Coramino Anejo Tequila, Corona beer, a salad bar, a hot tea set-up with honey and the slice lemons, and the chicken wings.

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Kevin Hart is also specific about Amazon’s available 29-inch black wooden bar stool. The tour rider said, “The exact stool is important, and substitutions will not be accepted.” Suppose venue staff isn’t clear about which one to order, a photo with an Amazon link of it can be found in the rider.

These specifics might seem too much, but Hart isn’t the only one with such backstage demands. As actors and performers, artists ask for unheard requirements, and it would be wrong to judge them because they have created their world, and they can truly afford to ask for specifics. All we can do is enjoy the shows, tours, and the entertainment package they bring forward for their fans.

Kevin Hart Prioritizes Both Films & Stand-Up Comedy

Kevin Hart in Jumanji
Kevin Hart in Jumanji

When not filming, Kevin Hart continues with his stand-up comedy. He makes time for both.  He has had varied successful comedy shows like What Now?, Laugh at My Pain, and Seriously Funny. Despite all the love he carries for the films and the success they gave him, his 1st love always has been performing onstage. He insists: “Nothing’s ever going to surpass stand-up comedy and my tours.”

Kevin Hart has starred in varied box office hits like the Jumanji film franchise starring Dwayne Johnson. He even continued pursuing stand-up comedy and gave live performances when he wasn’t doing any onscreen work. His most recent movie is the 2022 comedy movie Me Time in which he starred alongside Mark Wahlberg. 

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Hart co-created the reality TV parody Real Husbands of Hollywood in which married celebrity couples play a fictionalized version of themselves. His comedy action-adventure series Die Hart was released in 2020 and gained a lot of viewers on the first weekend. Most recently, the actor and comedian has been on the road for Reality Check, his stand-up comedy tour. 

Source: The Smoking Gun

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