Bruce Campbell is a legendary actor in the Hollywood industry. He is known for his contribution to the horror genre. The actor rose to fame as Ash Williams in Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead horror series. Campbell, apart from starring in TV shows and films, has also voiced several characters in several well-known video game series, including Call of Duty and Dead by Daylight.

Bruce Campbell Evil Dead
Bruce Campbell in the Evil Dead franchise

He shares a special bond with director Sam Raimi as he directed the actor’s first-ever Hollywood movie. The 65-year-old is known for kick-starting the Evil Dead franchise. He adores the horror genre, and since 2014, has been in charge of running the Bruce Campbell Horror Film Festival. Campbell recently turned 65, and on that occasion, he took to Twitter to announce his retirement. The news came as a shock for people, especially Stephen King, who has been a fan of the Evil Dead movies. The author replied sternly to the actor and tried talking him out of his decision.

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Stephen King warns Bruce Campbell about his retirement decision

 Bruce Campbell
Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell is known for playing the character of Ash in legions of horror movies. The first film came out in 1981, while the latest came out this year. The actor is known for his contribution to the horror gener by bringing out the cult horror film through the Evil Dead franchise. 

Bruce Campbell recently celebrated his 65th birthday and dropped a surprise bomb on his fans. The actor known for establishing the Evil Dead series in 1981, with Sam Raimi, took to Twitter to announce his retirement. 

The 65-year-old posted a picture of Ash Williams from the horrific TV series Ash vs. Evil Dead, and wrote, “Okay, so I’m 65 today. Time to retire, I guess. Thanks for watching!”

Fans were shocked by the tweet, especially Stephen King, who replied to the star. The author who helped established the series has been a number one fan of it. Campbell’s sudden decision to retire shocked him and he put a threatening tweet for the star.

King wrote, “DON’T YOU DARE!”

Stephen King has been a lover of Campbell’s iconic movies for decades, so it is not at all strange that he would respond with fury when the adored actor publicly announced that he was considering retiring.

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Stephen King’s connection with Bruce Campbell’s Evil Dead franchise

Stephen King
Stephen King

Stephen King played a major role in establishing the career of Bruce Campbell. The author was at the Cannes film festival, where the movie was screened, and applauded the movie he loved. The director requested a statement from him, but King instead penned a lengthy review for the Twilight Zone Magazine’s November edition.  

After King’s review, the Evil Dead suddenly transformed from obscure grindhouse fare to highly sought-after treasure for horror lovers. It was picked up by New Line Cinema for distribution. Stephen King had a significant part in the creation of Evil Dead II in addition to being one of the first well-known figures to praise the brilliance of filmmaker Sam Raimi.

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