It is no secret that Kim Kardashian has been making headlines lately. Bethenny Frankel, 51, wants people to stop talking about Kardashian on social media, even though she has been talking about her for months. It is now becoming a habit for Frankel to be annoyed by Kardashian for stealing all the media attention.

The Kardashians star is paying extra to heighten the security of her kid’s school. Kanye West has revealed her kid’s school name to the world over an online feud. There is a lot of talk around Bethenny Frankel trying to claim that Kardashian is only doing this as a publicity stunt.

Kim Kardashian
The Kardashians Star Kim K

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“Stop feeding the beast”: Bethenny Frankel Over Kim Kardashian’s Media Coverage

To stop the media from covering the founder of Skims, Bethenny Frankel has once again expressed her dislike of Kim Kardashian. After it was widely reported on social media that the Skims founder had added extra security to her children’s school, Frankel commented, “Stop feeding the beast!”

The Real Housewives of New York City star’s comment comes just a day after she supported the football fans who booed Kardashian, 41, at the Sunday Los Angeles Rams football game.

She tweeted, “Why is everyone surprised that @KimKardashian was booed at a football game? It’s America’s pastime.”

Frankel added, “The fans are people with daughters & sons who have hope for realistic role models for their children. Football is not the superficial land of fashion. Those fans can’t be bought.”

The “RHONY” alum Frankel shot back at those who argued she was going after Kardashian for “clout,” saying, 

“If true, I would do the list of tv offers I have, or go back to RHONY for millions. Or do the myriad of paid promotions & deals I turn down daily.”

Bethenny Frankel Slammed Kim Kardashian In The Past As Well

Kim Kardashian
Kim K At SoFi Statdium, California.

In recent months, Bethenny Frankel has been very vocal about her dislike of the Kardashian-Jenner clan on her social media handles. In September, the former reality star Frankel slammed the Kardashian family for their “destructive” and “irresponsible” Photoshop use.

Frankel said the Kardashian-Jenner’s social media posts were “not fair to women just trying to get by,” adding that women “can’t compete” with the false facades they show off. Also, she added, 

“The more we see these images, the more we think they’re real. It becomes a false ideal,” she explained. “It’s not inspirational; it’s not aspirational. It creates eating disorders, insecurity, and depression. It’s a serious thing.”

A few weeks later, Frankel continued her anti-Kardashian campaign by calling Kylie Jenner’s makeup brand, Kylie Cosmetics, a “scam.” As she ripped open the $175 Kylie Cosmetics Birthday PR Box – which was $58, Frankel said, “Girl don’t do it, it’s not worth it.” Also, she added,

“This is going right back and being returned because it’s a scam. How stupid do we have to be? … I mean I’m a sucker, I like it, I like the packaging … but where you lose me is where you scammed me.”

Frankel hasn’t shied away from discussing Kardashian and Ray J’s infamous s*x tape or the Skims founder’s alleged involvement in a scam.

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Kim Kardashian Forced To Heighten Security For Her Kids’ School: Why?

Kim K with her kids
The Kardashians star with her kids

According to a source, Kardashian is paying for the additional protection the school has hired. Kardashian’s representatives said in an interview that the increased security presence isn’t because Kanye himself is a threat. Still, in case someone sees Kanye’s messages about the school and shows up on campus, risking students’ safety.

Everyone knows the online ruckus surrounding Kanye West’s “White Lives Matter” T-shirt. As a result of being bullied by the Black Celebrity Community over wearing a T-shirt with the slogan “White Lives Matter,” West is quite enraged.

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Source: Page Six

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