High-profile celebrities can significantly affect their fans’ lives by even making a small move. Such is also the case with the American socialite, Kim Kardashian. It has been noticseveralumber of weeks that the American socialite is losing weight. Whether it is an intended loss or an unintended one is still unknown, but some netizens are getting triggered by her weight loss. People have speculated that the 2000s body trend is coming back and they are feeling nervous because of it.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

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The netizens on Twitter got triggered by Kim Kardashian losing weight

People on social media platforms can be straight-up too sensitive sometimes. A user on Twitter mentioned how Kim Kardashian losing weight is triggering her PTSD from the early 2000s.

Kim Kardashian
People are hating on the American socialite for losing weight.

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Whatever she does is her own free will and should not affect others’ mental health. The early 2000s was a time when a woman with a thin body type was considered beautiful. Though that was not any celebrity’s fault, it was a representation problem. People should not worship the celebs who just appear in magazines or on TV.

The Kardashians star’s fans defend her when people tried to troll her yet again

In a rare incident on the internet, Kim K’s fans saw that she is getting hated for no reason and defended her. One user called out the people who are getting triggered by Kim K losing weight and said that they need to work on their individuality and stop living by “micro trends“.

Fans came to her support and said that people are getting mad for no real reason here.

Some users asked the people on the Internet to have a real personality outside of their social media life.

Fans asked users why do they need a celebrity to look a certain way to boost their self-confidence.


Kim Kardashian
Fans defended Kim K on Twitter

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It should not matter if the 2000s body trend is coming back. One should be satisfied with how they look regardless of the trends.

Source: Twitter

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