Magic Mike is back and this time, it’s going down for sure. Magic Mike’s Last Dance sure will be one hell of a way to go out. Channing Tatum confirmed to Entertainment Tonight, that this film will leave nothing to the imagination. Magic Mike’s Last Dance will mark an end to Channing Tatum’s stripper persona that they first witnessed in 2012 in the original Magic Mike.

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This movie will mark the Magic Mike trilogy and as the lead star and producer Channing Tatum stated “there never needs to be another stripper movie after this one” so it’s safe to assume, this will be the last sequel to Magic Mike.

Mike along with his co-strippers in the movie Magic Mike
Magic Mike

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Channing Tatum Teases New Lap Dance Scene

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Times, Channing Tatum said “You’ve seen me dance on stage, but you’ve never seen me give an intimate, straight-up one-on-one lap dance,” he went on to confirm that it’s definitely “going to be there in the third one.

Magic Mike XXL (2015) onstage scene

I have a pretty crazy dance that opens the movie,” he continues. “We kick it off on a pretty strong level and then at the end, I might do a version of the water dance in the show. There’s a splash zone in the movie, so it’s a for-real thing.” Channing Tatum here is referring to a wet and wild moment in the Magic Mike Live which has seen runs all around Vegas, England, Germany, and Australia over recent years.

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Magic Mike Live and its Future

Magic Mike Live is a first-class entertainment experience based on the hit franchise of Magic Mike. The star later added that they did not even know that they would be performing a live show when the First Magic Mike came back in 2012 and then they ended up doing it in Vegas. He further says, “We made this show that we all fell in love with and we were just like, ‘We got to do a tour in America that isn’t a residency in a fixed place.

Magic Mike Live group image
Magic Mike Live from Vegas

Now some of the best stars will be joining hands to bring the show across North America in a year-long tour, starting off this fall in Miami.

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Magic Mike’s Last Dance will be a “pretty bonkers” gender-swapped take on a ’90s classic rom-com, as Tatum previously stated. So, we can expect to see an untraditional love story at its heart.

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