Since its release, Duffer Brothers’ Stranger Things has managed to create a fandom that goes to bizarre lengths. Post the success of its first season back in 2016, people got the characters’ entire faces tattooed to their arms but somehow that was not the most insane thing to come out of the Stranger Things fandom.

Recently, a story surfaced where a fan was scammed on the internet by someone pretending to be Dacre Montgomery. The Australian actor featured as Billy Hargrove in seasons 2 and 3. Even though it has been years since the feature, the star was shot into long-living fame. Much like several characters in the show, his presence was enchanting to the audience. But the shocking news that is making headlines will blow some socks off.

Dacre Montgomery Fangirling at its Peak

Dacre Montgomery as Billy Hargrove in Stranger Things
Dacre Montgomery as Billy Hargrove in Stranger Things

Dacre Montgomery is known for his fine looks and dashing personality. Many claim it is the Australian accent that’s what makes him so charming. Whatever the reason might be, he is one desirable human being. But in his guise, an impostor on the internet scammed his biggest fan.

McKayla, who only revealed her first name shared her story on YouTube. A Stranger Things superfan and an artist herself, she claims to have sent $10,000 to an impostor Dacre.

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Having been through an unhappy marriage, McKayla found solace and comfort in an online friendship with a stranger who claimed to be Dacre Montgomery. “[He’s] like one of my favorite actors, and me and him just hit it off,” McKayla said in the video.

Dacre Montgomery with girlfriend Liv Pallock
Dacre Montgomery with girlfriend Liv Pollock

The pair apparently connected over their frustration in their respective relationships. When the impersonator didn’t want to speak over the phone, McKayla decided to brush the whole thing off. But he mentioned some trivial information about a Stranger Things episode prior to its premiere amongst other things which made her believe him.

The fake Montgomery told McKayla that he was breaking up with his girlfriend Liv Pollock as she is very controlling and he cannot use his own money because of her. This lie coincidentally matched up with the couple’s Instagram activity which only strengthened McKayla’s belief.

She claims she sent him over $10,000 in checks and gift cards over the course of their correspondence. And after being convinced that they will be in a relationship, she officially separated from her estranged husband.

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McKayla was Broken and relied on Fake Dacre Montgomery

Dacre Montgomery in Stranger Things
Dacre Montgomery in Stranger Things

McKayla revealed in the video that she was lonely and going through a tough time in her life. Striking a friendship as this brought her joy. But as things started to get fishy-er she contacted the Catfish team. They debunked all the signs she considered positive and the fake Montgomery trustworthy.

She has since filed a complaint against the scammer and wanted to raise awareness against such crimes on the internet. The scammer used her vulnerable state against her. Addressing the viewers, she said:

“Love makes you do crazy, stupid, irrational things. I promise,” she said in the video. “And trauma does one heck of a thing to a person. These scammers, they just kinda come in and they leech off that. It’s a dopamine fix every time you wake up, every time you go to bed. Several hours a day. It’s a fix, it’s a hit.”

She urged viewers to be kind to scam victims as no one knows the state of mind they have been in.

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Source: Los Angeles Times

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