The Wolf Of The Wall Street actor Jonah Hill has been making headlines for the wrong reasons. The American actor who has been a part of reputed projects like Brad Pitt’s Moneyball, and War Dogs was in the media spotlight after his ex-girlfriend Sarah Brady spoke against him on the grounds of physical and emotional abuse.

Jonah Hill
Jonah Hill

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A Law student and a surfer by profession, Sarah Brady and Jonah Hill were in a relationship for a short period of time. The allegations and the evidence that were used to justify them by her had sent shockwaves in the world of entertainment. Recently, she spoke about her traumatic experience at a hospital in Hawaii.

Sarah Brady Opens Up On Being Physically Abused During Her Hospitalization

Jonah Hill’s ex-girlfriend broke her silence about the emotional and physical abuse months after separating from her ex-boyfriend Jonah Hill. Sarah Brady shared the screenshot of text messages that were made by the actor before they separated. Recently, the environmentalist has diverted the media attention towards herself after talking about the traumatic experience she had during her hospitalization.

She shared her painful experience at the medical center on her Instagram story which mentioned being treated like an animal.

sarah brady sitzt im bus
Jonah Hill’s ex Sarah Brady

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According to the reputed media outlet Daily Mail, the professional surfer alleged that Hawaii’s Queen Health System had treated her in an insensitive manner. She said-

“strapped me down, shoved a mask in my mouth, put some mesh **** over my face, LAUGHED AT ME,”

Jonah Hill
Sarah Brady’s Instagram story

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She even mentioned-

“Medics INJECTED ME WITH DRUGS INVOLUNTARILY and didn’t give me water. They treated me like a violent animal whilst I remained a human being. I asked for water. They did not give me any. They dragged me by my arms and strapped me down on a gurney WITHOUT MY CONSENT.”

Jonah Hill
Sarah Brady’s Instagram story

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After sharing the pictures of her bruised body parts, Sarah Brady is looking forward to taking legal action against the medical organization. She was hospitalized for her bipolar disorder diagnosis and according to the allegations made by her, she was subjected to the most violent experience at a hospital.

Relationship Timeline Of Jonah Hill And Sarah Brady

Actor Jonah Hill and his ex Sarah Brady met in 2021 and started dating each other. The ex-couple even made multiple public appearances during their relationship. However, things started to fall apart soon and they separated in 2022.

Sarah Brady was present during the premiere of Dont Look Up and even posted about her ex on Instagram that read as-

 “Last night for the world premiere of @dontlookupfilm. Congrats Jojo!! Not surprised you’ve helped create another amazing film for the world. I love you SO MUCH and was honored to be your date. Can’t wait to share this movie with all my loved ones.”

Jonah Hill
Jonah Hill and Sarah Brady

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Jonah Hill even mentioned that his surfer girlfriend is the“most supportive and best human” he has ever come across in his life.

However, in July 2023, Sarah Brady broke her silence on her relationship with her ex Jonah Hill and alleged that he was emotionally and physically abusive during their courtship period. She shared a slew of text messages on her Instagram handle and brought out the real face of the actor. According to the text messages, Jonah Hill clearly told her that he was not the right partner for her if she wanted to surf with men and post pictures in bathing suits.

Source: Daily Mail

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