Characters must be tough to live in The Witcher’s untamed environment. Season 2 introduces even greater peril in the form of creatures, magicians, and legions of the White Flame, threatening to destroy the Continent entirely. Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer strive to be together once more, and in their efforts to hold forces of evil at bay, they meet a slew of new people with frightening strength.

The strongest new characters in Season 2 test not only the trio’s resilience but also their bonds. From fire-wielding mages to Spymasters, and new allies with their own impressive talents proving useful in the fray, the strongest new characters in Season 2 test not only the trio’s resilience but also their bonds.

5. Francesca Findabair (Miscia Simson)


Francesca Findabair, the new leader of the elves, seeks to retake their lands from the humans who conquered them, bringing a new generation of her people into the Continent in the process. Leading her people while carrying the first pure-blood elf born in decades is a heavyweight, and Francesca has become harsh and rebellious as a result.

While Francesca is a strong magician in her own right, capable of manipulating plant life, seeing visions, and even conjuring food to maintain her elven warriors, the majority of her strength stems from her character in the face of unfathomable anguish and misery.

4. Rience (Chris Fulton)


Rience, a mage liberated from prison by Lydia to seek out Ciri and harness the power of her Elder Blood, could not be contained in a Cintran dungeon. He follows the Cintran princes to Kaer Morhen, but he loses her when Geralt saves her at the last minute.

He is capable of channeling fire magic and utilizes it with professional precision that demands complete attention and respect for its strength. Unlike Yennefer, he isn’t concerned that utilizing it may render his capacity to use magic ineffective.

3. Vesemir (Kim Bodnia)

the witcher vesemir explained who is geralts mentor in

Vesemir, the oldest living witcher, and Geralt’s mentor take his responsibility of protecting the witcher training location Kaer Morhen very seriously. He is aware that with each passing year, more of his brotherhood dies, leaving no one to replace them.

Vesemir possesses the same powers as Geralt, including improved senses and fighting tactics to defeat both monsters and wizards, but his true strength resides in his tenacity. His firm conviction in Ciri’s Elder Blood and her capacity to rebuild witcher numbers through alchemy may be what saves them for a new generation.

2. Voleth Mier (Ania Marson)

Who is Voleth Meir in The Witcher Does Deathless Mother Exist in the Books

Voleth Meir (The Deathless Mother) assumes the shape of trusted individuals and offers to ease suffering and restore power to magic wielders in visions that arouse their darkest desires. She appears in the dreams of Francesca, Fringilla, and Yennefer with the hopes of bending them to her will and utilizing their gifts.

Voleth Meir, an ancient demon imprisoned by the first witchers millennia ago, is one of the season’s most malevolent characters, coaxing Yennefer to give her Ciri and nearly succeeding. She has the ability to infiltrate the minds of individuals she begins to control, corrupting them to the point where their allies regard them as foes. She is the most fearsome and deadly opponent Geralt, Yennefer, and the Continent have ever faced.

  1. Wraiths of Morhogg – Wild Hunt
what are the wraiths of morhogg in the witcher season 2

When the elves departed the Continent to conquer other planets, they became known as the Wraiths of Morhogg, skeletal riders who learned that even if they killed all the people in the countries beyond their portals, they would still require creatures to serve them. Due to her concentration of Elder Blood, Ciri’s collection of souls became their top goal.

Though the Red Riders aren’t as numerous as they once were, their capacity to travel between worlds is still greater than that of any witcher, mage, or elf on the Continent, owing to the King of the Wild Hunt.

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