The hollywood actress who is most notably known for her portrayal of Lois Lane in 1978’s Superman alongside Christopher Reeve died at her home in Montana, Livingston, on 13th May. She was suffering from bipolar disorder and was an active advocate for mental health after making her struggles with the illness public.

After months of speculation, her cause of death has finally been revealed as ‘suicide’ in a joint statement by The Park County Coroner’s Office and Kidder’s Family, who urged: ‘…those suffering from mental illnesses, addiction and/or suicidal thoughts to seek appropriate counselling and treatment’.

The main intention of making her cause of death public, according to a source close to her family, was to erase the stigma around suicide and encourage other people who are suffering from mental disorder, to seek help.

Margot was still pretty active as an actor, having starred in movies like Amityville Horror (1978), Law and Order, Smallville, Special Victim Units, most recently appearing in The Neighborhood, which came out earlier this year.

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