The CW’s Superman and Lois starring Tyler Hoechlin and Bitsie Tulloch in the titular characters, have some good news for the fans.

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On 12th September DC FanDome’s 2nd day of events took place, and one was concerning our very own Man of Steel, his beau, and their new show.

DC Chief Creative Officer and Publisher Jim Lee moderated the Superman and Lois panel featuring both the show’s stars Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch, as well as the show’s executive producer and show runner Todd Helbing.

Fans will be glad to know that Hoechlin’s Superman is getting a brand new suit design that has already been dubbed “Badass” by the star himself.

During the panel, Hoechlin was asked whether or not he will be getting a new suit and this is what he said – “Originally you came on for the crossovers and that suit just wasn’t built to sustain a series. So, there’s going to be a really badass Superman suit that I’m pretty excited about.”

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Additionally, the panel also revealed some other key points about the plot. The show will start as an aftermath to the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover story line.

Clark and Lois are back in Smallville with their two teenage sons Jonathan and Jordan. The show will focus on Superman and Lois as a couple and show what kind of parents they are gonna be.

The show runner Helbing during the panel said – “We really get to lean into Clark and Lois not being Superman and the most famous journalist in the world, but really as parents. What is it that like when you have jobs like that?” he even glimpsed on how the Supersons would be like, saying – “We wanted to present two kids who had two completely different skill sets, and how do you deal with that as parents?”

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When asked why the couple moved back to the small town of Smallville from the city of Metropolis, Todd Helbing said they wanted to seem a little more realistic, as we see the couple as parents now.

“I’m not gonna give reason yet, but the story of Superman has taken place in Metropolis for very long—obviously there was the Smallville series—but I came from a small town in the Midwest, and the town that I grew up in had a business leave that sort of affected everyone in the town, and the town started to dry up, and it felt very current with recent years after 2008.

So we wanted to tell the story of the parents, after this tragic event, move back to Smallville and really find that maybe it’s easier to raise kids maybe in a place where life isn’t as hectic as Metropolis.”

Emmanuelle Chriqui as Lana Lang

The character of Lana Lang will also be returning in this show, this time played by Emmanuelle Chriqui (you probably know her as Eric’s girlfriend from Entourage). It would be interesting to see if the show runners poke on the relationship between Clark and Lana.

Helbing said – “I think it’s an interesting dynamic as an adult how you deal with that relationship. We don’t want Lois and Lana brawling, but that dynamic as an adult is really interesting to us. Those feelings are impossible to ignore and I think that’s a real thing for some people — especially when kids are involved.”

The show will also be introducing us to a couple of original characters – Lana’s husband Kyle, a firefighter and their daughters Sarah and Sophie. Helbing said it will be interesting “to see [Lana’s] husband and her kids, and that dynamic. There’s a couple of characters that we invented: Kyle Cushing [Eric Valdez] and Sarah Cushing [Inde Navarrette], who gets sort of wrapped up with the boys and they have their own love triangle.”

Jon Cryer's Lex Luthor

And although Jon Cryer’s Lex Luthor is busy tormenting Supergirl in National City, it is yet to be known whether Superman’s nemesis will come to Smallville to cause some havoc in the lives of Clark and his family. We sure do hope so!

Superman and Lois is set to premiere on The CW in 2021.

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