Considered one of the biggest and most successful artists in the world, Taylor Swift’s influence on the industry, including music and pop culture, is unmatched. Through her songwriting, advocacy, entrepreneurship, and mostly being relatable to her fans, Swift has grown to be one of the most highly influential and best-selling artists in the world.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift in Cats | Universal Pictures

Earning a title as a musical chameleon from Time and the BBC, the singer has also been part of movies including Valentine’s Day, The Lorax, The Giver, Cats, and Amsterdam. Not all of her movies have been a success, and neither was she highly lauded for any of the performances, but fans saw the hard work she’d put in, which at times didn’t work, especially in front of seasoned actors. Now, according to reports, Taylor Swift could be making her Marvel debut, but fans are not happy.

Taylor Swift’s recent meeting with Marvel President Kevin Feige fuels the rumor of her Marvel debut

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swiftwho is currently on the European leg of her Eras Tour, reportedly met Marvel President Kevin Feige about a role in the MCU. According to industry insider Daniel Richtman (via Screen Time’s X), the singer probably met Feige to discuss the character from The Blonde Phantom. He added that the series is already in development.

Richtman only shared that the series is described as a spy show set in Vegas in the 1950s. It was further revealed that The Blonde Phantom is a project that Scarlett Johansson almost played. The actress had previously shared that she was in talks with the MCU about the same project, adding that it was one of the many female characters she was considered for. Johansson played Black Widow in the Marvel Universe and grew to be one of the favorite characters of all time.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift also played a part in Amsterdam |20th Century Studios

Talking more about the character Louise, it has been shared that the character is a secretary at the Mark Mason Detective Agency, living a double life. Whenever her boss is on a case, she lets her blonde tresses down, takes her glasses off, and turns into the glamorous masked hero. 

It was also rumored that Taylor Swift might make a cameo in the highly anticipated Deadpool & Wolverine and will play the X-Men character Dazzler. However, there has been no confirmation from either party about her involvement in the project. Director Shawn Levy was asked about Swift’s involvement, to which he said (via Comicbook),

I’m going to cross the board. No comment because that’s a double whammy. That’s Taylor-related. And it’s MCU-related. I’m no dummy. You’re going to have to wait and see.

Ryan Reynolds was also asked the same question, and he said that there’s so much speculation about so many people being involved in the movie. He added that he read online that a fan was convinced that Elvis Presley was in the movie.

Fans are not happy with Taylor Swift’s probable involvement with the MCU

Taylor Swift, who is dating NFL player Travis Kelce, started to show up at his games in late September 2023, which, according to Rolling Stone, helped boost the overall ratings for the games. The demographic of the audience watching the game shifted after Swift started to appear to support her boyfriend in his games.

NBC said that when the Kansas City Chiefs played against the New York Jets in October, the viewership reached 27 million. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, according to what Al Jazeera shared,

Obviously, it creates a buzz. It creates another group of young fans, particularly women, who are interested in seeing why is she going to this game and why is she interested in this game besides Travis Kelce. She is a football fan.

Sydney Sweeney
Fans believe that Sydney Sweeney should play the part in Blonde Phantom | Middle Child Pictures

Now, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that MCU would be willing to take advantage of Taylor Swift’s popularity to attract audiences for their respective projects. But fans are disappointed with the update, as one mentioned, ‘Sydney Sweeney is more suitable for this role than Taylor.’

Another person added that they don’t have anything against the singer but would like to see actors act, noting that Swift doesn’t need to be the stunt hire to make people watch the show. Fans want Sydney Sweeney to play the character if it is in development. 

Fans have shown concern over Swift’s not-too-impressive acting career, as one user asked, Can she act? Fine for a supporting role, but to lead a new series is risky. It’s hard to bet against her’. Ardent fans mentioned that they don’t want this series.

As much as fans understand the need for Marvel to have a successful show after a couple of bumps on the road, bringing in Taylor Swift instead of a talented actress is not something they are looking forward to.

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