Taylor Swift does not just release music albums to delight her fans, rather she releases music that breaks records and exceeds expectations. The wide fanbase garnered by the pop star to date is only increasing by the second. As more people discover her soul-stirring music, they become a part of Swifties that reigns the fandom.

Now, as if music and sports weren’t enough for Swift, she is reportedly being eyed for a role in the ambitious Marvel Universe. Details on the same are a bit hazy since rumors and reports on the show and her role are still flying all over the place.

Taylor Swift Rumored To Be Considered for Blonde Phantom Lead

Travis Kelce names Blank Space as his top Taylor Swift song
Taylor Swift in Blank Space | Taylor Swift’s YouTube

Set in the flamboyant era of the 1950s in the murky streets of Las Vegas, a beautiful spy is embarking on a mission. Marvel is planning a show called Blonde Phantom that will be released on Disney+. Insider DanielRPK was the first one to report the news although more details on the same are still awaited. The headline-worthy snippet from this piece of news is the celebrity being considered for the lead role – Taylor Swift.

The massive global celebrity already has many feathers in her cap, but this opportunity is set to open more doors for her as she enters the burgeoning world of superheroes and crime fighters. Blonde Phantom first appeared in Marvel comics where she takes center stage in fighting crime on the streets of Las Vegas. Though her first appearance was in an ensemble, the lead character soon went on to get her own comic series.

Ethan Hawke and Josh Charles in Fortnight
Ethan Hawke and Josh Charles in Fortnight | via Taylor Swift’s YouTube

While Blonde Phantom is her secret identity, the woman is Louise Grant behind the mask. According to the comic books, away from the glamor of the crime-fighting world. Grant is an ordinary secretary who has fallen in love with her boss. In many ways, Blonde Phantom seems to be a gender-reversed version of Superman where an ordinary guy transforms into a superhero and saves his lady from trouble.

Fans React to Taylor Swift as Blonde Phantom

Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney
Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney in Anyone But You | Sony Pictures

As soon as this news broke, a battle was ignited between fans of Taylor Swift and MCU fans. While die-hard Swifties would love to see the singer embrace a newer challenge and step into the shoes of an actor, Marvel fans are a bit skeptical about having such a huge singer take on such a role. The live-action adaptations of comic book stories are sanctum for fans and they will not accept anything less than perfection.

On the other hand, it looks like Anyone But You actress Sydney Sweeney has made quite a mark on fans as they hail her as the top choice to play Blonde Phantom in the series. The beautiful actress is talented and certainly a great choice to bring this role to life. She has already made her Marvel debut though, in Madame Web. Even though the movie did not do well, fans seem to be happy with her acting prowess as they want to see more of her.

The widespread sentiment amongst fans seems to be that Swift can be great in a supporting or cameo role, but headlining a series in a lead role is definitely a tough undertaking. There are so many talented actresses who deserve the spotlight rather than the singer who already has the world at her feet. At the end of the day, fans hope Marvel makes the right choice and brings the story to life well.

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