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It appears like DC Comics’ “Main Man” could be staying worldwide on TV. Ahead of Lobo’s live-action launching on tonight’s season premiere of Krypton, SYFY revealed that it is creating a new collection surrounding the fan- favorite character.

Krypton EP Cameron Welsh is expected to work as the executive manufacturer and author for the brand new Lobo TV series. Constantine alum Emmett Scanlan is currently playing the personality on Krypton, and Warner Horizon Scripted Television has since verified that an offer is in place of Scanlan to reprise his duty on the solo series.

Lobo is from Czarnia and is a devil.

SYFY has Krypton Spinoff Lobo TV Series in the production.
SYFY has Krypton Spinoff Lobo TV Series in the production.

Lobo is from the peaceful planet of Czarnia. He was birthed a devil amid utopia. Loosely converted from his native language, his name implies “he that devours your entrails as well as extensively enjoys it.” As a teen, he solitarily slaughtered his entire civilization, coming to be the last of his race. Currently, the mercenary wanders the world on his motorcycle, earning money for what he enjoys most: murder and also trouble.

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There have been several various efforts to officially bring Lobo into live-action, most recently in a prospective attribute movie guided by Michael Bay. While it’s uncertain if as well as when that film will come to fruition, Krypton is setting out to bring an authentic portrayal of the character to tv, as part of the series’ “ambitious” multi-season plan.

Scanlan’s comment about the character.

SYFY has Krypton Spinoff Lobo TV Series in the production.
SYFY has Krypton Spinoff Lobo TV Series in the production.

“We pay huge respect to all the comics as well as the heritage of the character. If it ain’t damaged, don’t repair it.” Scanlan informed earlier this month of his Krypton portrayal. “Physically I ain’t the largest child of a bitch out there, so it was of miraculous relevance I caught this people spirit. Since that’s all those issues… You ain’t obtaining the most significant Lobo in the universe, but I assure you you’re getting the craziest.”

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with Lobo since in the comics he’s such a wide personality, he’s an almost ludicrous character and also like some individuals would certainly state how’s he going to collaborate with the tone of the program,” Krypton star Cameron Cuffe previously informed the press. “That’s an obstacle we’re excited to collaborate with as well as I assume Seg’s going to be spending a lot of time with him, which will be amazing.”

Krypton’s second season will certainly debut tonight at 10/9c on SYFY.

Source: Comicbook, Theverge

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