Taylor Swift and her warm-hearted spirit need no introduction, the globally renowned singer again proved that she truly adores her fans, by giving her “22” hat to a 9-year-old girl with cancer.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

This sweet gesture took place during Taylor Swift’s Sydney Eras Tour show on Friday, where a little girl named Scarlett Oliver was granted the singer’s “22” hat. Scarlett is suffering from a high-grade glioma and always wished to meet Swift. But her dream couldn’t come true until last Friday when the singer granted her wish of giving the hat during the concert.

Taylor Swift Wins Hearts By Granting Her “22” Hat To 9-Year-Old Cancer Patient

Taylor Swift giving her "22" hat to Scarlett Oliver
Taylor Swift giving her “22” hat to Scarlett Oliver (image via X )

Scarlett Oliver, an adorable 9-year-old girl suffering from a harrowing disease has been granted her long-time wish. And guess who made her dream come true? None other than Taylor Swift. The pop sensation is incredibly praised not only by Swifties but everyone on social media! Pictures and videos from the Sydney Eras Tour, where Taylor Swift gave her “22” hat to Scarlett are flooding on social media platforms.

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According to a post shared on X (earlier Twitter), a video of the You Belong With Me singer, hugging and kissing Scarlett’s hands while giving the hat has been shared, along with a photo of the girl holding a sign that read, “Taylor can I have the 22 hat? Please.” There’s also a screenshot of a Facebook post, previously shared by her stepmother Natalie Oliver, explaining that Scarlett Oliver was diagnosed with high-grade glioma, a very aggressive brain cancer with no cure.

Scarlett Oliver wanted to meet Taylor Swift for a long time, and her dream came true when her beloved singer was singing 22. After this heartening gesture, fans are pouring all their love and respect for Taylor Swift.

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Scarlett’s stepmother also wrote how excited her daughter would be to receive the “22” hat from Taylor Swift, and as per the Facebook post, she wrote:

“Scarlett is so excited and would absolutely love to receive the 22 hat from Taylor (as would everyone else I’m sure). I just want her to experience everything in life and if anyone deserves a little happiness it’s her. She deserves the world.”

And now that Scarlett Olvier’s dream came true, Taylor Swift is again receiving love from fans all over the social media platforms. However, this isn’t the first time when the billionaire singer made such adorable moments with fans, as she’s known for her kind gestures.

Taylor Swift Surprises Fans With a Duet With Sabrina Carpenter During Sydney Eras Tour

Taylor Swift and Sabrina Carpenter
Taylor Swift and Sabrina Carpenter (image via X )

Taylor Swift made sure to make each fan’s night as memorable as possible, as she performed a duet with Sabrina Carpenter during the show. The Delicate singer announced a new version of The Tortured Poets Department while playing her piano and explaining that it’s good to have options.

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According to a post shared on X (earlier Twitter), the singer says:

And so this edition is called The Albatross because there is an exclusive bonus song on this vinyl called The Albatross,” and I can’t wait for you to hear it.”

After announcing the new version, Taylor Swift excited fans as she added (via Daily Mail):

“Would you like another fun thing?…My incredibly talented, wonderful, gorgeous, hilarious, genius opening act Sabrina Carpenter, she heroically sacrificed her show, which I think is a crime against Sydney. And I think it needs to be fixed, so I’m going to bring her out now, is that OK, Sydney?”

Soon after the On My Way singer was introduced to fans by Taylor Swift, fans roared and enjoyed their duet on White Horse and Coney Island. Swift’s beloved man Travis Kelce was also captured enjoying his girlfriend’s hit concert and watching Swifties cheer for her.

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